But, Does it Really Fit Your Macros?

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I really like the concept of IIFYM "If It Fits Your Macros" This is kinda/ sorta a new approach to eating....but not really. What IIFYM is. At the base level it's: Your daily caloric intake is "restricted" to your current goals. <---so you have a number All your food for the day must combine to meet certain levels of Macronutrients: Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Any foods are allowed as long as all Macronurtient levels FOR THE DAY are met. And that is what makes … [Read more...]

Put Your Barbell, Not Baby, in the Corner…


Cause Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner... Except Swayze....he can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypKSbnYOrwE But you can and should put your barbell in a corner. I do Often. Angled Barbell training (sometimes they call it the Landmine training, but that's all not cool anymore even though it was fine for a long time) THANKS PC POLICE! Any who, angled barbell training is one of those things that looks super douche(y) but it's actually kinda cool. Why I likes it a lot: It gives … [Read more...]

Broscience, Labcoats and Calluses


I'm a BIG Fan of Science and Evidence Based Practices. I tend not to hold much broscience in very high regard... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXO2azb3_PE Check out Broscience Life on The YouTube, it's amazing That is, unless that broscience is time-honored, tested and approved. By Bros' people who have gotten really good results from it, consistently. BroScience: Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are … [Read more...]

Gluten, Diet Coke and the Evening News


Science is a Real Bitch. Especially when it's in the hands of the lay person when it comes to health/ fitness and wellness. Why? Cause most people have little to zero actual scientific understanding of what the hell is going on, so they believe the thing of the minute, what's new, cool and what their friends are doing. Or, worst of all they follow the fear box TV. Case in Point: Gluten: "Gluten, wholy Sh@t my pants, GLUTEN. WTF are we gonna do? That sh@t is in everything! We're not … [Read more...]

Bane Looks Cool, You Look Like a Jackass


The "Bane Mask" Training Mask 2.o The makers of the mask claim training with it simulates training at a high altitude environment.. This is why dumbing things down is usually a bad idea: "Train at altitude because there is less oxygen, you'll get used to that and when you come back to sea level you'll perform better" Except that statement is false. Truth: you may...maaaay Perform better at sea level after training at altitude, but then again, maybe not. In fact, most sports … [Read more...]

Enough is Enough, Too Much is Too Much: SMR Edition

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I Love this Book..... http://instagram.com/p/fYBoEyvFSD/ You can get a copy here Buy Supple Leopard, it's highly recommended. But I think it's started a nasty trend. I agree with about 99% of what Kelly Starrett has to say. I think the guy is turbo smart. Where I disagree is more or less the minutiae and semantics. <-----I'm really not ok with kipping though.... Case in point: Knees out: Place of total agreement: The knees should be pushed out from the hip to activate … [Read more...]

The Survivor System

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Athlete Development... You hear that a lot, In magazines, books, on TV. But what does it really mean? Does it mean sh@tty power cleans? http://youtu.be/jqRu1neZc2k just skip to 1:50 or so... Gasser's after football practice? <------cause you routinely run 100 yards in a fatigued state during football games. Pitchers running 5 miles the day after pitching? Nearly year-long, soccer, baseball, hockey...... Do these things "develop" the athlete? Does the athlete end … [Read more...]

Make the Lat Pulldown Machine Useful

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For the most part I'm not a big fan of weight machines, but lat pulldowns are pretty good. Especially with the neutral grip bar.... http://youtu.be/JzSzsCGGGeI Thats my online client Nate Dog...doing lat pulldown, nothing special here, just needed a good video and he does a good job. [Tweet "Usually weight machines are nothing but $3-7 thousand dollar coat hangers"]. Fun Fact: Almost every weight machine was produced to replicate a barbell movement. Yeah, I know body builders … [Read more...]