Bane Looks Cool, You Look Like a Jackass


The "Bane Mask" Training Mask 2.o The makers of the mask claim training with it simulates training at a high altitude environment.. This is why dumbing things down is usually a bad idea: "Train at altitude because there is less oxygen, you'll get used to that and when you come back to sea level you'll perform better" Except that statement is false. Truth: you may...maaaay Perform better at sea level after training at altitude, but then again, maybe not. In fact, most sports … [Read more...]

Enough is Enough, Too Much is Too Much: SMR Edition

barbell rolling

I Love this Book..... You can get a copy here Buy Supple Leopard, it's highly recommended. But I think it's started a nasty trend. I agree with about 99% of what Kelly Starrett has to say. I think the guy is turbo smart. Where I disagree is more or less the minutiae and semantics. <-----I'm really not ok with kipping though.... Case in point: Knees out: Place of total agreement: The knees should be pushed out from the hip to activate … [Read more...]

The Survivor System

Al Bundy

Athlete Development... You hear that a lot, In magazines, books, on TV. But what does it really mean? Does it mean sh@tty power cleans? just skip to 1:50 or so... Gasser's after football practice? <------cause you routinely run 100 yards in a fatigued state during football games. Pitchers running 5 miles the day after pitching? Nearly year-long, soccer, baseball, hockey...... Do these things "develop" the athlete? Does the athlete end … [Read more...]

Make the Lat Pulldown Machine Useful

Capture GHR

For the most part I'm not a big fan of weight machines, but lat pulldowns are pretty good. Especially with the neutral grip bar.... Thats my online client Nate Dog...doing lat pulldown, nothing special here, just needed a good video and he does a good job. [Tweet "Usually weight machines are nothing but $3-7 thousand dollar coat hangers"]. Fun Fact: Almost every weight machine was produced to replicate a barbell movement. Yeah, I know body builders … [Read more...]

Rogue Power Bar Vs.Texas Power Bar


If you're gonna try and get and or be strong in a garage gym.... You're Gonna Need a Good Bar.... Bells and whistles are nice, but a rack, bench, weights and a good bar are the most essential pieces of equipment. All you need is a rack, barbell, platform and some weights.- Jim Wendler If you have those you can kick more ass than all of the Planet Fitness's combined.. From Dustin Thomas's Super Awesome Blog For Cool People I know, that's a VERY low hurdle to jump over.... So when I … [Read more...]

Training The Overweight/ Obese Client


"I Thought You Only Trained Athletes?" I wish....but not really Athletes can do ANYTHING and they're fun to train because of that. You show them once and they have it down, better than me, stronger than me.. But here's the fact: "Until you're at the top, you better train all types of people, not just the fun ones"- Mike Boyle If I only trained athletes, I'd be eating Ramen noodles in a cardboard box every night. The vast majority of my clients are regular people who want to be more … [Read more...]

Learning the Hip Hinge, When You’ve Got no Hips

hip hinge

Chances Are, You Suck At This You're probably either doing the stiff knees: got it from Sparkbmxtraining ¬†or the rounded low back This is from CliftonParkchiro or both.... See Wha' Had Happen Wazz You're all like the Tin Man. [Tweet "You can't move from the hip, hell you don't even know what a hip is..."] We gotta change that, cause without some hips you're gonna (probably) get some big time fugazi awesome feelings in your lower back. Now this is what hinging the hip looks like: … [Read more...]

What Moving your Couch and Exercise Have in Common and it’s NOT Back Pain


Or, Spend $10 at Lowes and Up Your Game. As far as I know Valerie Waters is a VERY good trainer, and she is without doubt VERY successful. She should get ALL credit for thinking up using furniture sliders as exercise equipment. I'm sure someone did it before her, but she popularized it. So, in this age of the internet guru "inventing" exercises and programs and that jackassery, I'm just trying to give credit where it's due. Thanks Val. To the Point: Once you have some training/ … [Read more...]