Know where you come from..and RIP Larry Scott

Larry Scott

"You can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been." Will Smith in Hitch Unfortunately, this is too often the case when it comes to Physical Culture in Merica' these days. Everyone has or is THE Thing of the Minute. The new and improved version. It's ground breaking, different, more efficient. And usually, it's more of the same and none of the above. P90X? They used to call that body-weight circuit training. Muscle Confusion? Wasn't that Weider Principle … [Read more...]

What the F* is the “Open Side”, the Value of Offset Loading


Common Email From An Online Client: "Roy, what the hell is the "open side". followed up with "Why do we do this?" Welp, Here's the Answer(s) The "Open Side"/ Offset Loading Explained:  When we load traditionally, the weight in both hands, it's easier to balance the load. Because the load is spread across a greater "surface area" in that the entire shoulder girdle and core is activated about equally. The weight is more evenly distributed across the hips. Basically, the pull on … [Read more...]

People Care What I Think!

Dr oz

Not Really.... But I did get interviewed for some articles recently. <-----This clearly means I have achieved expert Jedi Master status. In hockey training they like to use the word "Core" a lot. So much so that I got interviewed, along with Maria Mountain (who actually is kinda famous for this) for an article that appeared in USA Hockey's Adult Hockey Newsletter: Why Strengthening Your Core is Key- Michael Rand Some other Core pontificating here: Train Yo' Core Right, Doing it … [Read more...]

With Age Comes Wisdom…..


Or so they say.... Stoled it from Bluemoonblog Now that I've been on this earth for a third of a decade I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two. So in honor of getting old(er) here's some things I think I've learned about my fitness: 1. I can't do at 33 what I could do at 23. My workouts even 2 years ago were much "more" than they are today. More volume, more intensity....more of everything. What I've learned is that my recovery just isn't what it used to be and I need to be … [Read more...]

The Kettlebell Swing, It’s not a Squat/ Front Raise and it Doesn’t go Overhead.

swing drawing

The Kettlebell Swing: What are swings about? What's the purpose? A. Loaded hip hinging and  FORCEFUL hip extension. RKC, HKC, Strong doesn't matter who teaches it and the nuances, some hinge more, some less, regardless, it's about hip hinging and extension. Whats hip hinging? It's engaging/ creating motion from the hips...or pushing the HIPS back without creating motion at the low back. What does hip … [Read more...]

Your Story = Your Reality

hand stand

"We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves." - Tony Robbins Why do so many people fail to get what they want out of life? It's not because they're not capable. It's not because the man holds you down. It's not because there is some vast conspiracy set out by the Illuminati to keep you wrapped in a cloak of entertainment constantly telling you you're somehow less capable and deserving than the rich and famous so you remain unmotivated and distracted … [Read more...]

“Celebrity Trainers”, Fitness Mags and Bad Technique


We should be thankful for the cornucopia of fitness magazines that come out each month. When the zombie apocalypse comes at least we'll have an ample supply of toilet paper for eternity. While some of them don't completely suck ballzzzz and every now and then even the crappy ones actually have some good experts and columnists, for the most part the vast,vast majority of these ....ehhhhh....."publications", are riddled with misinformation and Pure Jackassery passed … [Read more...]

Where to Start…..


New Years Resolutions are stupid, you should already be doing those things, coming up so that means LOTS of people coming into the gyms, many of them for the first time either ever or in a loooooong time. Sadly, there is so much conflicting information out there, that it's hard to figure out what you should be doing to get the results you want. That means most people will take one of two paths: Path 1: The Observer They'll watch what others in the gym are doing (especially those people … [Read more...]