About Me

Want to be a little more awesome today than yesterday?

Want to move better?

Feel better?

Lift heavy(er) things?

You’re in the right place…..

I’m a Strength Coach/ Personal Trainer in the Baltimore- Washington D.C. Area.

I’ve trained individual clients, groups and teams for weight loss, muscle and strength gain, sports performance and  mostly to move around better and enjoy life more.

Clients have ranged from 5 (seriously, a mite hockey team) to 65 and have come from all walks of life.

Some have already trained for a lifetime and come from athletic backgrounds wanting to focus exclusively on a fitness/ health goal or athletic event and others are regular soccer moms, desk jockeys and grandparents who want to move better, feel better, be able to squat down to tie their shoes, pick up their grandkids without pain, get off blood pressure meds and/ or look better with and without clothes on (this is a big one).

My basic philosophy is that (almost) everything works and everything is useful, it just might not work or be useful for you. Simply put:

Find and use the right tool for the job

if I have a second philosophy it’s:

Moving Better and Getting Stronger fixes most Problems…but not all

Simplistic but true, and those are my guiding philosophies when designing a program. ohh yeah, understand biomechanics and physiology…that helps too.

I’ve got formal education is the field:

  • BS. Exercise Science Towson University
  • MS. Exercise Science  McDaniel College
And I got Certified (which means little in this field) by the one certifying body that promotes evidence based (science based) training and still fails people who don’t know the basics of exercise physiology, the NSCA.
Most of what I’ve learned however has come from continuing education, books, dvd’s, conferences etc, actually getting under the bar and training myself and training my clients.
If you want to feel, move and look better, we can do that, contact me either through this site, facebook or email: roypumphrey@gmail.com