You Should Do This: Band Snatch

The Band Snatch Is Super Cool and Neat-O

The Band Snatch has two strengths:

1: It’s easy on the shoulder joint for almost everyone.

2: It’ll fry your shoulders in the process.

All three heads, front, medial, rear delts will all get swoled up.

Plus, I stole it from Shelby Starnes, and he’s super jacked, so it must be good.

You should do it.


Shoulders IN the joint, the whole time:

NEVER Over-reach at the top:

Once the shoulder joint is fully extended, that’s it.

Don’t reach as far back as you CAN, reach to the end range of motion.

Once the scapula are retracted and the upper arm (humerus) is centered, STOP!

Just like Pullaparts.

Ribcage on the abs (bottom rib down):

Bottom rib down keeps the abs turned on and helps make sure you’re going to be able to get into thoracic extension.

No thoracic extension = No FULL scapula range of motion. 

Glutes on:

Should they ever be off????

Ribs on the abs and glutes on, put you in the infamous “Cylinder” or “Pillar” position where your “core” can achieve optimal stiffness, brace against movement and like, you know, do it’s job.

Never Allow the Band to “Unload” the Tension at the Bottom:

Always at least a little bit of tension on the band.

If you have a loose/ wrinkled band at anywhere along the band the bottom, you’ve lost tension.

Keep it tight.

The Best Cue: 

“Open the Box, Close the Box”

Think about the corners of the band, where you’re holding it, as the corners of a giant box.

You’re opening the box on the way up and closing the box on the way down.

Try to stay super smooth, not yanking on the band to “open the box” or allowing the band to snap you down to “close the box”. 

When to Do Em’:

These work really well as warmups and as a finisher at the end of the workout

Like I said above:

Smooth Counts.

Don’t get all choppy and sloppy that really decreases the effectiveness.


It’s super deceptive, you’re going to think you can use a heavier band than you can.

The first rep, not so bad, but after about 5 or so, you’ll know it, you used too much tension, use less next time.

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