The Truth About Weight Loss and Maintenance….

First Things First: If you're overweight and/ or have a weight problem. It's You're Fu@king Fault It's not your genes, *that's not how genes work it's not your coworkers who bring in donuts, it's not because someone puts a gun to your head every night and forces you to drink a bottle of wine or eat at the clown house every night. It's your fault, you have control over you, it didn't just happen. And that is a great thing, because, since you're not a victim of your weight: YOU HAVE 100% CONTROL OVER IT AND CAN CHANGE IT. Now we can get onto the important stuff. If we're talking about someone who starts out with a lot of weight to lose: It's Really F-ing … [Read more...]

Should I Have a Post Workout Shake?

One of the most common questions I get is: What Should I Eat After I Workout? And this really is my answer 99% of the time: Food...That's always good. It's what I like. The next question is: But what about post-workout bars, shakes and the all mighty ANABOLIC WINDOW? Don't I need to eat right after I workout? If I don't eat immediately wont I lose all my GAINZZ? Wont I shrivel up and die? How We Got Here: In the mid to late 90's workout nutrition became a "thing". It used to be, go workout and go eat and that was that. Then MetRx came to the forefront and basically created the workout nutrition market. Sure there were protein powders, desiccated … [Read more...]

The War on Fat: Keep one In the Chamber

*Before I get started: this article is NOT meant for someone who has an appreciable amount of fat to lose. If you're 30% or more body NEED to go full on Tony Montana. At least for a little while. Pull out all the stops, up the cardio, cut the cals, etc. However, if you're in pretty good shape, but not as lean as you'd like to be, this is more up your alley. We need to all agree on ONE basic premise before we start. The body ADAPTS to the stress(ors) applied to it. That means, the body follows this model: General Adaption Syndrome So think of everything (stressor) that promotes fat loss is like a bullet in an old time … [Read more...]

Eat Whatever the Hell You Want Till January 2nd.

Stop Worrying about How Much Weight You'll Gain Between Christmas and New Years. You hear all these stories about X,Y,Z gaining 10lbs last year and Uncle Don is going to tell you how if it wasn't for this time of year he'd still be at his "playing weight". You'll read all these articles about: "How to keep off Holiday Weight Gain" "How Not to Get Fat this Holiday" "Skip the Cookies and Eat some Carrots" "Quick Workouts to Keep Christmas Cookies Fatness at Bay" and other assorted BS. These are mostly people parroting what they hear and see and the media doing what it does using scare tactics to feed into the over-inflated fears of holiday weight gain. A local … [Read more...]

The Meatheads Holiday Gift Guide

I Pick Things up I Put Things Down That's what meatheads do, we lift sh@t. So if you're going to buy us stuff, it needs fit the template. Here's the template for the uninitiated: Fat Gripzz: Fatbars are nice change of pace, work the hell out of your grip and really take the stress of the shoulders and elbows for some (they actually add to my shoulder stress, weird, I know) But if you don't have your own gym or a gym equipped with one, you're screwed. Granted you could spring for one if you train at home, but that's about $200 bucks later and you need to store it. That's why Fat Gripzz are awesome. They're a whole … [Read more...]

But, Does it Really Fit Your Macros?

I really like the concept of IIFYM "If It Fits Your Macros" This is kinda/ sorta a new approach to eating....but not really. What IIFYM is. At the base level it's: Your daily caloric intake is "restricted" to your current goals. <---so you have a number All your food for the day must combine to meet certain levels of Macronutrients: Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Any foods are allowed as long as all Macronurtient levels FOR THE DAY are met. And that is what makes IIFYM so popular. You can eat cake. If, it fits your macros. This is pretty much the style of eating I've employed for ohh, about 15 years now. Here's why. I … [Read more...]

Gluten, Diet Coke and the Evening News

Science is a Real Bitch. Especially when it's in the hands of the lay person when it comes to health/ fitness and wellness. Why? Cause most people have little to zero actual scientific understanding of what the hell is going on, so they believe the thing of the minute, what's new, cool and what their friends are doing. Or, worst of all they follow the fear box TV. Case in Point: Gluten: "Gluten, wholy Sh@t my pants, GLUTEN. WTF are we gonna do? That sh@t is in everything! We're not adapted to it, it's GMO nightmare on a stick, I mean, in a loaf...I hate f-ing gluten" via nutty4nutrition Everyone went "off" gluten and went, " It's the best I've ever … [Read more...]

People Care What I Think!

Not Really.... But I did get interviewed for some articles recently. <-----This clearly means I have achieved expert Jedi Master status. In hockey training they like to use the word "Core" a lot. So much so that I got interviewed, along with Maria Mountain (who actually is kinda famous for this) for an article that appeared in USA Hockey's Adult Hockey Newsletter: Why Strengthening Your Core is Key- Michael Rand Some other Core pontificating here: Train Yo' Core Right, Doing it Better: Planking Eat Everyone has to do it. And every day there is a new "It" diet out there promising insanely fast fat loss, muscle gain and Super Mario … [Read more...]