You Should Do This: Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squat

Q: Why do Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squats?

A: Cause you hate yourself….

Personal Opinion:

These are the hardest F-ing Skwaats in the world.

And they might be the best.

This is paraphrased:

These FORCE you to “lock down” the core in a way that no other squat does.

And in a world full of duck butt lumbar hyperextension/ overarching and butt wink these are one of the best instant remedies for BOTH of those.


Cause to handle the bells well you MUST stay in a perfect NEUTRAL spinal position which means the core is 100% activated and acting as a corset…

You know, the way the core is meant to work?

Because you’re spine and pelvis are neutral (“pillar” position) and locked in you’re going to use your glutes.


  • Ribcage Locked Down
  • Glutes on (Floor “Spread” with the Feet)
  • Core on

Squat probably gonna look good.

It aint that hard folks.

Coaching Stuff For the Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squat:

Ya Gotta Be Able to Clean the Kettlebells into the racked position: 

Or have a superfriend to hand you the weights.

But none of that getting weird to get em up stuff <—if you’ve done or seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

Protect The Ribcage With the Elbows:

Don’t “rest” the bells on the forearms by flaring the elbows out.

Keep the elbows TIGHT to the ribcage at all times.

Cycle Your Breath at the Top (or at least 3/4th the way up):

Get a breath in nice “deep”/ diaphragmatic breath in at the top to help you brace your core and KEEP IT.

*this does NOT mean over-breathe and try to force as much air in as possible.

In my experience: If you do take in too large a breath, I think you’ll find it’s too much pressure in the anterior core, you’ll want to flare the ribs .

Just a good, solid, deep breath is enough.


Generally, I say “cycle” (breath out ONLY as much as necessary, and pull more air in) your breath at the top.

But if you’re using the “power breath”, a short, quick, powerful breath out 3/4th of the way up, I think you’re good. <—-it’s the type of breath you see good KB users take at the top of a KB Swing. Hard, but concise, through the nose

Breathe like this guy does:

Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squat:

*Sorry about the audio…as in, its f-ing terrible. 

Super tutorial on the Double KB Racked Front Squat here from Tony Gentilcore 

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