You Should Do this: Kettlebell Figure 8

These are Kinda BRUTAL

Like they can get really hard, really fast…

Hard Where? 

Hard All Over.

This exercise was popular for a minute a few years ago, but you don’t hear about it much anymore.

I guess cause it’s kinda F-ing hard, takes your breath away, makes your whole body burn and you sweat instantly.

Why Do Kettlebell Figure 8’s?

Cause they hit EVERYTHING at once.


  • Core (all of it)
  • Upper Back
  • Shoulders
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

They all get hit pretty hard.

Why Else (the Real, Real Reason I use them):

The Kettlebell Figure 8 (when done correctly ie. not all slop city) forces you to CONTROL movement, in an ATHLETIC position, while maintaining a STABLE base.

To do these correctly you REALLY need to be able to OWN the position while controlling the bell (managing the force).

If you’re up and down, side to side, that’s no good.

You gotta be TIGHT.


Hinge: Get into an ATHLETIC position, NOT rounded/ bent over. Hinge at the hips.

Chest up: Keep the T-Shirt Logo UP during the lift, NEVER rounding over.

Feet Stable: They should not be rolling and pivoting. Locked into the floor.

Shoulders and Hips Square: Yes, the shoulders will move/ rotate some based on your stance and arm length. But NO ROTATING (at least as little as possible) through the torso.

Hips ON: Glutes should be on the whole time…you should be sitting into the hips and resisting the rotation of the body through the hips and oblique’s.

Bro Tips:

  • Go BOTH ways. Don’t just pass the bell through one way all the time.
  • You can manipulate the stress (where you feel it more) by changing the torso angle, hip depth and knee flexion. Here’s a different style, that’s like ALL hinge.
  • Don’t just manipulate the weight or time, you can manipulate the speed too. Don’t assume going slower is easier. <—when done correctly is more awful
  • Grip the bell at the HORNS not the center of the handle.

Ultimate Bro Tip:

If you feel these in your low back (spine), YOU’RE IN THE WRONG POSITION.

You need to LOCK your hips and ribcage into neutral and HINGE back into the hips (like a deadlift).

If you feel these in your spinal errectors (low back muscles next to the spine) you’re A-ok, just don’t overdo it cause you’ll be hella sore tomorrow.



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