Fun time Friday….

Welcome to Friday   Dumbbell swings- Much like brussel sprouts, everyone hates them, but they work. Here's a big I told you so Proof . Maybe the best "conditioning"/ fat loss tool out there...and probably the simplest (and most brutal).   Grip work- I just sat and thought long and hard, ok maybe not hard, about grip strength and how important it is. Basically, if you can grip something harder you protect yourself from injury because the rotator cuff muscles fire in synchronization stabilizing the shoulder. Gripping harder also activates the upper back musculature on moves like rows and deadlifts protecting the lower back, plus gripping the weight makes you stronger … [Read more...]

Now Read This…. If you want your kid to be a bad athlete when they actually might get payed to play have them specialize in a sport early. Without a doubt the dumbest thing you can do, except maybe this. Love me some Bosu goodness. Their genetics play the biggest role in making a living at professional sports, not how much of your bank account was wasted on "sport specific" training for a 9 year old. Wrote about it here too Here is what we should do LTAD Rhetorical question of the day: Why do people (most of which have never actually played anything beyond highschool) comment on your favorite sports … [Read more...]

Micellaneous Monday

Everyone who has a blog does "Miscellaneous Monday" so as not to be original I thought, "Hell, why not". Tate Forcier- Not jumping on the bandwagon.....yet. Maybe once he learns to throw more than 2 passes a game from the pocket I can buy in. I mean, it's great he can do so many things with his feet but there is no way he can be under so much pressure, EVERY PLAY, that he has to pull the Fran Tarkenton. Thats Fran by the way....He's in the Hall of Fame and stuff. Looks like 16-0isnt happening for the Ravens this year...But they're still waaayyy better than the Redskins (who break my heart). Seriously at this point I long for the days of Gus Frerotte .... I'm … [Read more...]

I’m not a trainer…..But I play one on T.V.

There is a plague in this industry.......a dishonest, negligent, infectious plague.. Trainers, coaches, performance specialist, whatever they call themselves- WHO DO NOT TRAIN. I'm completely tired of this, honestly it's ridiculous and if your in that group you should be ashamed.  Not everyone in the industry agrees with me but as far as I'm concerned if you don't take the time to come up with and implement programs or at least workouts  for yourself how can you hold the responsibility of doing that for others? I'm not saying you have to be the stereotypical "Globo gym" trainer, in your 2 sizes too small shirt and your brooklyn blowout screaming "ALL YOU....BRO!" In … [Read more...]

They do know it’s called the Suicide Grip right?

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but incase you haven’t USC running back Stafon Johnson was severely injured Monday in a weightlifting accident and needed emergency surgery to save his life. Supposedly, an assistant strength coach was spotting him and while racking the bar it slipped and fell on his neck. Thankfully, he seems to be doing well and is expected to make a full recovery. Obviously, freak things happen in the weight room and just like ANY physical activity; there is some level of injury possibility with any exercise no matter what. That said, the question needs to be asked, how did this happen in a staffed college weight room? USC is supposed to have one of the … [Read more...]

P90X- Fitness revolution?

What is the magic of P90X? I see TONS of people everyday in the gym doing this routine. They honestly believe that there is a magic to this program. Here's the reality; work really hard for an hour or more a day and eat really clean for 3 months straight and if your not a gelatinous mound you'll end up in pretty good shape. The magic isnt in P90X or any other program for that matter, it's in the WORK you put in while training and the DEDICATION to stick to a diet.   Honestly, I have not seen the entire P90X program, the basic premise of  working really hard for 3 months and good things happen is usually true. That said, it's just a workout program. Take a program out of … [Read more...]

My training

LOTS of people ask me how I train. How much, how often, when, how long, what lifts. So for a first blog post I figured I would give you a typical rundown of a week right now. That's important, because the training changes throughout the's my plan from last week Aug 10-14, 2009 Monday: Upper, Bench to a 5RM Tuesday: Cardio Wednesday: Lower Thursday: Cardio Friday: Upper Saturday: Lower, Squat to a 5RM Sunday: Nothing That was last weeks plan. The accessory/ assisstance work was all in the higher range 8-20. The cardio was the BARE minimum, 20-30 minutes watching TV on the treadmill. All of them took about an hour, except Saturday cause I had all the time … [Read more...]

EveryDayAthleteTraining: The Blog

Welcome to the EveryDayAthleteTraining blog. This blog is going to primarily be guessed it! Training!!! Mine, yours, my clients, whoever. We'll cover lots of related things too. Programs, nutrition, diets, exercises, the awesomeness of both Washington Redskins and all of college football etc. I'm planning on putting some actual programs I've used with "everydayathletes" up and explaining the how's and whys. We'll get into some science, opinion, speculation and random nonsensical thoughts. Please comment, agree/ disagree/ question etc. You don't have to agree and if you don't let me know and why! Don't worry I'm a big boy, I can take it. I'll just hug some … [Read more...]