I don’t want to lift weights, I’ll get too BIG!

This is awesome........she's using 100's http://youtu.be/HjgYHylUJhc Holy sh@t...she's not like all HUGE and stuff..and she can lift 100lbs dumbbells. Damn, that's weird cause it was definitely the 20lbs dumbbells you did chest presses with that time and not all the crap you ate for 4 months that made you bigger, cause it's real easy for women to get HUGE and stuff...right? I just looked again, she weighs 115lbs... and can do this: http://youtu.be/NUsly_gwqvI 95% of the guys I know can't come close... Sooooo, I guess the point is WEIGHT TRAINING DOESN'T BULK UP WOMEN!!!! (95% of the time,  The other 5%? Their called Outliers, not just a great book … [Read more...]

Friday stuff, Corn Syrup…and the squat aint dead

High Fructose Corn Syrup is bad for you! Raise your Hand if you agree: Damn, thats a lot of people. Keep in mind SCIENCE says all carbohydrates are, at a base level, the same. Keep your hand up if you still think so. Damn it, damn it, damn it.....why did science have to come along and do something like this? White JS. Straight talk about high-fructose corn syrup: what it is and what it ain’t.   Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 Dec;88(6):1716S-1721S. (thanks, Lyle Mcdonald) You're all wrong......but thanks for believing media/ celebrity driven hype and conforming as they saw fit. I'm glad you thought critically about this and looked for empirical evidence and … [Read more...]

Friday randomness….

It's Friday kids...and thats a good thing. A little weekend science to mull over: Get your sleep: Disruption Of Circadian Rhythms Affects Both Brain And Body, Mouse Study Finds, like we didn't know that. Don't do steroids (maybe): Bodybuilding With Steroids Damages Kidneys. Finally someone took a scientific look at steroid use and didn't just march out the same old party line, "Steroids are bad!....just because". BTW best look at steroid use I have ever seen is Bigger Faster Stronger.....put it on the netflix cache and watch it. It's informative, interesting and hilarious Professional football is bad for your health (no shit): For Big Athletes, Possible Future … [Read more...]

You don’t have to believe everything you read.

I'm generally convinced that Americans will believe anything, I actually mean ANYTHING, that mainstream media puts out as long as its endorsed or created by a supposed expert. Half the time these "experts" are nothing more than TV or internet "Yoda's" who say anything they want (usually to promote their new product) claiming its scientific truth without ever providing any scientific evidence. You know, the type that comes from scientific inquiry into a subject. The latest TV and internet Yoda fest has been Soda, Diet Soda and Artificial Sweeteners. What Soft Drinks are Doing to Your Body The Truth About Diet Soda About 99.9% of what the internet Yoda's … [Read more...]

Toys that dont suck…..and knees over toes

Just because 9 out of every 10 fitness gadgets are ICPMA (International Crap Product Makers Association) of approved that doesn't mean they all are. Here are some me likes a lot. Blast Straps: They best investment ever... http://youtu.be/J7lgJwJZspw These make bodyweight movements much more scalable. They can be adjusted to add difficulty or even stability on literally hundreds of movements and variations. Yes, you can use a TRX or rings or whatever, but I have these and use them almost every workout. Bands: Cant do a pull-up? ....The assisted pull up machine isn't the answer, it doesn't teach you how to control your body through the range of motion..ie not … [Read more...]

Toys that suck big time…models that don’t

Most fitness toys/ gadgets/ things in this world are completely worthless. Some of them are so bad I'm convinced that if you purchase one you are entered into a highly secretive international database so the ICPPMA (International Crap Product Makers Association) can target you as the primary audience and consumer of all things shit and shit related. Here are some of my favorite dumbass ideas: Shake Weight: http://youtu.be/xXHUdvvHTkw Ab electrode- burn your stomach- things: http://youtu.be/Swk1qKZLOU4 Years ago at Towson I was sitting outside eating lunch when I heard a girl walking by say to her group of friends. "That ab thing burned my stomach. It … [Read more...]

Friday….I hate (yes HATE) Crossfit Football and other stuff.

  First off it's Friday and that's a good thing. Second, I can't stand the term "sport specific" but what I can't stand more is a complete lack of regard for appropriate training methodologies when training an athlete for specific competition. Which is why I can't stand Crossfit Football. Quite frankly Crossfit Football, as a training system with the specific goal of training an American football athlete, is a joke. Why, you ask? Football is played by position. With each position having varying bioenergetic demands. For example: the typical play last 4-6 seconds. A lineman is engaged in what is basically a close quarters fight  the entire time, … [Read more...]

Micellaneous Monday (on Tuesday)

  Walking on the treadmill is ok, but kinda sucks. Walking on the treadmill HOLDING ON is stupid. Just plain stupid and if do this  you are also stupid. Seriously, why would you hold on? what benefit does that give you? ....except..... it makes it EASIER and DEFEATS the purpose. Have half a brain and slow the damn thing down. I guess this is like a drug people need help to get off of because here's an article about,"How to quit Holding on to the Treadmill"...a whole article. I can summarize in two words... LET GO! Mike Boyle (the goofy looking guy below) is really smart. He's been around forever and is always very insightful when it comes … [Read more...]