Maybe You Shouldn’t Do Yoga?

What Do You Think About Yoga? I think my back hurts... At First My Mind is All Like: "It's a really good thing that teaches calmness, focus, controlled breathing and body awareness." But My Mouth Goes (after I give it some thought): "You probably shouldn't do it." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? Why I don't recommend Yoga to most people. From my experience, Americanized yoga, what you'd probably be doing, is usually a real Sh@t fest. Full disclosure: I've NEVER taken a Yoga Class. For realzzzz I know you're mad right now. You're all like, "You're such a hypocrite, I like yoga. It's so kool. I've taught it for sooo long and it's awesome and I'm awesome and you … [Read more...]

When Do we Squat, Bench and Deadlift? On How I Became a Giant Puss, and you Can Too.

"Dude WTF happened to you? When did you become such a pussy? So none of your clients Squat, Bench or Deadlift anymore? You've got to be kidding me?" "Isn't it hypocritical to post videos of you doing those things on Instagram and then come out against them?" I got that from a few friends and occasional lifting partners from the last 10 years after I put these gems out: I Actually Prefer Single Leg Deadlifts For Most of my Clients. Switch exclusively to pushups. and I posted this, Why We Don't Squat?- Mike Boyle on my Facebook page (go "Like it") and agreed with the conclusion, Traditional Style, Bar on The Back, Squats, are Unnecessary for Most Lifters So, … [Read more...]

Bent Wrists, Loose Grips= Fire Elbow and It Sucks

Most of you are probably like, "WTF is Fire Elbow, is this even a real thing?" Those of you that have it are like, "F-ing, shite, yeah, that sucks" Fire Elbow, known to the medical community as Medial Epicondylitis or golfers elbow, is the scourge of nations.... Not really But it really f-ing sucks and is difficult as all hell to treat and usually lasts for months. If you get it or have it you should buy one of these and do what the directions say. It's like a freaking miracle cure. How you get it: The Mechanism of Action From WebMD: "Golfer's elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis, is … [Read more...]

Gainzzz Bro, Gainzzz or Hypertrophy, GET SOME!

The reason we all start working out is: To score some ass Make Gainzzzz so we can score some ass But it's not always cool, PC, comfortable, to say that and I'm sure some prude with a Huffington Post column will get a hold of this, write some junk about how this mindset is the "problem" with the Health and Fitness/ gym culture. Except, it's not. Ain't nothing wrong with trying to look alright and make some gainzz along the way. For those of you who are all like, "Gainzzz,  wtf are Gainzzz?" Rosetta Stone for the non-bro: Gainzz = Muscle Hypertrophy Why is Hypertrophy Important? Cause it's Gainzzz and you need some be to a swoldier in the bro … [Read more...]

Confused Muscles, the WOD Mentality and Why you Never Get any Better.

People have workout ADD. They can't stick to one god damn thing for more than 2 workouts in a row without getting "bored". Every-workout is different, every month, a new goal. That, my friends, is why: YOU SUCK. Here's the thing, maybe if you actually took the time to learn some lifts, what it feels like to be under some strain and perfected some technique you wouldn't suck. But that Would be Boring. It would take practice and the realization that next week, on Tuesday, you'll be doing basically, the same damn thing. Confused Muscles and the WOD Mentality: X-Fit and P90X both are all about doing different stuff everyday. That's one of the big reasons why … [Read more...]

Sloppy Shoulders and Bad Rows

Or How to Get a Funcked up Rotator Cuff. Or The Approximation Monologues. Or Just Keep Your Damn Shoulders in the Joint....Damn it. Shoulders are really very complex. The shoulder joint isn't actually one "shoulder" joint. It's 3: Sternoclavicular: Where the sternum and clavicle come together Acromioclavicular: Where the acromion and clavicle come together Glenohumeral: Where the humerus fits/articulates into the glenoid fossa.  Because of this the shoulder joint has a lot of movement, as in The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint on the human body.  This means it's also a lot like Charlie Sheen on drugs, not just awesome, but … [Read more...]

This Getting in Shape Thing, It’s Not Easy and Never Will Be

I really hate it when people go, "It's easy for you to workout and eat right, you work in a gym." Or, my favorite "it's easy for you to be in shape, you get paid to work out all day." WTF is that, yeah, I work out all day..... The truth about this whole working out and being "in shape" thing: It Sure as Hell isn't Easy. If it was everyone would do it and most are not. Fact is: MOST people in the United States are overweight. (the number is somewhere around 60-70%). That's Fu#king Atrocious. I'm not going to be one of those "You're fat cause you're stupid and lazy" guys. Cause, you're not know what you should do AND you're not … [Read more...]

On Weight Belts and How Not to Blow out Your Back

Weight Belts, they're Totally Misunderstood. Some research says: Weight Belts Don't Work. <----but this is mostly in occupational settings and has, for reasons I can't understand been extrapolated to the athletic performance arena.  Some, most, research says: Yes, They Do. Here's a really nice research review, kinda old, but still pretty good.  And that dude at the gym, the guy with the jorts and sweet rat-tail, he's always wearing one. But he's a total tool, The HUGE guy who deadlifts 5 plates for reps, he uses one too. And he's the strongest guy there.... So what's the deal? The deal is: [Tweet "Weight Belts are Used Wrong 99% of the … [Read more...]