You Should Do This: Pallof Press

Core, Core, Core,

You need it, preferably LOTS of it.

But just having ABZZZ isn’t enough.

You need a core that actually works.

A core that STOPS, instead of creates or allows movement through the lumbar spine.

The “core” must create,  as Dr. Stu McGill puts it,

“Super Stiffness”

*this in NOT an ED commercial…But his lab did do this study.

So sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists, these things, all out.

And “Anti- Core”, exercises that “BRACE” the spine against movement is all in….

Ribcage Down, Hips in Neutral: The Cylinder Position

Here’s the short:

Use your “core” to create a stable platform not your lower back.

Jamming your L4, L5 and S1 vertebrae into each other to create stability is a really fucking bad less than optimal stabilization strategy.

You Got Abzz Bro, But You Got No Obliques:

Obliques may….maaaay be the most important “ab” muscle.

But probably not, as in, there is no “most important”.

But definitely most neglected.

Obliques- Glutes: They Need Each Other

If the glutes “set” the hips…

And the obliques “tie” the hips to the ribcage

You kinda need the Glute/ Oblique, hip stability complex to function as a unit if you’re going to achieve “Super Stiffness”.

Whats the best exercise for that?

The Pallof Press:


  • Feet Hip to Slightly Outside Shoulder (athletic stance) Width
  • Feet STRAIGHT ahead <—“active” foot, foot/ ankle never collapsed
  • Knees in line with feet (glutes on)
  • Standing straight up or a slight hip hinge (knees NEVER driven forward)
  • Rib and hip in neutral
  • Belt buckle, belly button and sternum all aligned
  • Shoulders down and in neutral (neither retracted or protracted)
  • Always grip the handle in the hand farthest from the anchor point
  • Hands press STRAIGHT out
  • Achieve FULL APEX 

Bro Tip:

    1. Crush the handle
    2. “Attack” the floor with the inside midfoot/ heel
  2. Think of yourself as a “Pillar”, “Rooting” yourself into the floor.
  3. If the far side obliques and the inside glute light up, you’re gravy baby…


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