One is Greater than Zero

As I've said before, I think, we have developed into an excuse based culture. Instead of finding a way, we've learned to look for a way out. In that vain.. We're one month into the new year. Hows that Exercise and Eat better resolution working for ya? If you're like a lot of people, it's not. You probably started strong but fell into the perfection trap. <---I made that term up, I think. Personally, I think the "perfection trap" is an excuse veiled as an actual reason. Kinda like the false sacrifice.. Here's how this works: "I'm going to work out for 60 minutes 5 times a week." And while motivation is high and you're prioritizing exercise, it works … [Read more...]

Achievement, 10,000 hours, Grit and why you’re not a pro athlete…..

First things first: the best predictor of lifetime sporting achievement is your parents. Genetics matter, a lot. the talent pool at the truly world-class level is deep and wide. Those without the basic prerequisites, height, size, strength, speed etc. will not make the cut. [Tweet "Just trying hard doesn't get you a $120 million dollar contract."] That said, practice can go a long way to getting the most out of the abilities you do have.  the old Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. has a lot of truth to it...but lets face it there are not too many 5'6 point guards in the NBA or 5.5 second 40yrd dash guys playing cornerback in the … [Read more...]