Why I Love Zerchers and You Should 2

Do you know where Zercher Squats came from? Prison... Supposedly the Zercher squat came about because there are weights, but no racks, in the joint. They needed a way to squat and figured out that they could pick up a lot of weight off the ground in the crooks of the elbow. Zercher Squat. Ed Zercher came up with this squat variety many years ago. In 1966 or 1967, I read about a prisoner by the name of Robert Barnett, who had just pulled a 675 deadlift at 165 BWT. He related that the Zercher squat was responsible for his success. He reported that his best was 395 x 5 reps done off the floor.- Louie Simmons I don't know if that's the truth, but it's a hell of a … [Read more...]

You Should Do This: McGill Side Plank With Band

  Planks are really good for you. IF you do them correctly they can help teach and train a few very important concepts.. 1. Pillar Strength/ Bracing 2. True "Core" Activation 3. Core Endurance Abzzz 101: The "core" isn't just meant to look all awesome on the beach with your bros when your tan is banging and you're trying to pick up bitches.... bro... It's also supposed to stabilize your spine and protect you from hoop, compressive and shear forces. You know, keep you from breaking the first time you pick up a kid, have to carry groceries, or push a car out of a snow rut...<-----all of these are secondary to the more bro(ish) use listed above, … [Read more...]

Ribs Down! How Not to Hang Off the Low Back

"Ribs Down!" Back pain: Virtually Everyone has it in Some Form at Some Time Everyone. My upper back around the base of my neck hurts if I sit here and work on this blog for too long. My Lower back hurts if I stand for too long or sit (especially in my car) for a few consecutive hours. I know what you're thinking, "Holy Sh@t, Yoda hurts Too?" Yes, we ALL have default patterns and compensation patterns that have formed from them. One of mine is I "hang off the low back" sometimes, and when I do it for long enough, I get pain. Look, when you're training people, you're standing....A LOT, and it's easy to get into an "Extension" position and really crank on that … [Read more...]