You Should Do This: Floor Press

The Floor Press: It's nothing more than a bench press without the bench. <---like you couldn't figure that one out.  Why It's Awesome: Limits the range of motion at the shoulder joint. It's pretty hard to "dump" (approximation the Humerus) the shoulder forward with these. MUCH easier on the lower back than the bench press cause the legs are out of the equation. The floor provides MUCH better feedback than the bench for maintaining shoulder tightness (packing) and driving the shoulders down into the ground to press the weight. Full Pause or Touch and Go?  Either.... Full Pause Floor presses are GREAT for building speed, starting strength and … [Read more...]

Doing It Better: Spotting

You spot like a jackass Don't take it personal, you're just like everyone else cause they spot like a jackass too. Plain and simple, 99% of people spot wrong. Yes, even the guy at the gym who goes around not really lifting but spotting everyone: DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING... In reality there are only 3 ways to spot someone: At the wrists/ hands for dumbbells  Around the ribcage/ chest for squatting At the middle of the bar #1. Spotting Dumbbells Ever seen this before? I know you have because that's how the vast majority of people think you're supposed to spot dumbbell exercises. Hell, some of the certifications even teach it that … [Read more...]

Doing it Better: Elbows Flared Edition

Here's a secret: Just about every guy (and girl) gets into working out because they want to look better. This has been the truth since forever... At the heart of it all: We all want to get laid We want to get laid by good-looking people. We believe that being "in shape" gives us the best chance of this occurring. So if you're like me and about a gazillion other red-blooded, testosterone driven teenage boys out there you decide to start lifting weights. Eventually, after a few weeks, months, years maybe of aimlessly doing whatever..... i.e. 3 days a week of benches, incline benches, dumbbell flys, biceps curls and a set of leg extensions just for … [Read more...]

Overhead pressing vs. the bench

Something is going around the interwebs lately that I'm kind of confused with.  I keep hearing that the bench press is, wait for it...wait for it....wait for it..."not functional"!!!! ......and dangerous.. Which, in many aspects, may be true...and reasonable. But somehow, some way, overhead pressing is both....."Functional" (which I can see but don't totally agree with) but also SAFER! Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot..... Get it? Whiskey, tango, Foxtrot???? get it? ('s very subversive) How? How is pressing a weight overhead safer than a bench press? Anatomically this makes no sense....Take a skeleton raise the arm overhead, as would happen in an overhead … [Read more...]