You Should Do This: Cat/ Camel/ Cow, Whatever, Thoracic Spine Mobility

If You're Reading This You Probably Have Sh@tty Thoracic Mobility.. How do I know this? I'm not Yoda, Gandalf or even Harry Freaking Potter, But I am kinda like that kid (he's an adult now) from that Sixth Sense movie. You know, the one by M. Night Shamalama-ding-dong. The "I see dead people" kid. Except, "I See "Sh@tty Posture" Fact is, too many of us sit, with our face in a computer or head hung down looking at a screen too often. <------understatement of the century. You're all slumped over, hanging off the ribcage. Do it long enough and you'll literally end up with this posture: Here's the … [Read more...]

Maybe You SHOULD Do Yoga

Last time I wrote this hand grenade about why Yoga might not be the best option for you. And subsequently watched my subscriber list get decimated. So I guess some folks got all butt hurt...or they just don't like me and think I write like poop. Either way, here's why you might actually want, hell, you NEED Yoga in your life. The #1 Reason, By Far... Yoga Teaches You How To Breath..... Again Yes, you breath wrong, at least for the situation. You're Waaay Too Damn Stressed......ALL THE TIME. In modern life we worry about too damn many things. Mortgage Car bill Grocery bill Fights with the significant other Bosses Subordinates The cable … [Read more...]