5 Pretty Common Ways to Jack Yourself Up in the Gym Part 1

What does this guy have in common with you? Chances are you're both: Jacked Up, This is a phrase largely equivalent to screwed up. It roughly means "in a state of disarray" and is commonly used in the phrase "to jack someone/something up". urban dictionary People come to the gym to un-jack themselves but a lot of the stuff they do when they get here is completely Fubared. Here's 5 off the top of my head things I see and why doing them isn't helping but hurting you and your progress. Jacked Up Thing 1: Walking on a Flat Treadmill. Walking on a flat treadmill, incline at 0%, is terrible for your knees and hips. On a treadmill you're not actually propelling … [Read more...]

Warm-Up Warriors: Overboard or on Target?

"It's cool to pee your pants"- Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) http://youtu.be/Bv6pjoKLPSY Obviously that's a load of B.S., it's not cool to pee your pants, it's probably the exact opposite of cool, it's anything but cool, it's totally uncool...... and that's how I feel about warm-ups.... Seriously, they suck, they are UN-COOL. No matter how many articles I read about how awesome the foam roller is or this stretch is or that mobility drill is they all suck as far as I'm concerned. They are boring as hell and detract from time that can be spent being awesome (smashing weight, eating meat, being a costumed crime fighter) But here's the deal: YOU GOTTA DO … [Read more...]

Beginners and Desk Jockey Syndrome

I've been doing this whole training thing for a while now and I can honestly say that 99% of all the people I train have the same problems when they first come to me. Mainly they sit toooooo much. This results in (from head to toe): Upper Cross Sydrome: Extended cervical spine (head pushed forward), tight pecs, weak underactive scapular retractors  and tight upper traps Poor pelvic alignment: Usually to the anterior... Caused by weak glutes, hamstrings, tight hip flexors, tight spinal erectors and weak abs. Basically everyone gets "desk jockey syndrome". We sit in front of a computer hunched over waaaay too much and end up with like this... As a trainer we have … [Read more...]

Dr. Stuart McGill, Yoda, with bad ass facial hair.

I saw Dr. McGill speak at the NSCA conference back in July. Essentially he is a B-52 of spine knowledge dropping Nuclear knowledge BOMBS all over the place. Here is a very good video (which I stole, cause I'm a thief,  from Mike Robertson's most awesome newsletter). http://youtu.be/033ogPH6NNE Damn, maybe that ABZZZZ class was a bad idea after all... … [Read more...]