The Truth About Weight Loss and Maintenance….

First Things First: If you're overweight and/ or have a weight problem. It's You're Fu@king Fault It's not your genes, *that's not how genes work it's not your coworkers who bring in donuts, it's not because someone puts a gun to your head every night and forces you to drink a bottle of wine or eat at the clown house every night. It's your fault, you have control over you, it didn't just happen. And that is a great thing, because, since you're not a victim of your weight: YOU HAVE 100% CONTROL OVER IT AND CAN CHANGE IT. Now we can get onto the important stuff. If we're talking about someone who starts out with a lot of weight to lose: It's Really F-ing … [Read more...]

The War on Fat: Keep one In the Chamber

*Before I get started: this article is NOT meant for someone who has an appreciable amount of fat to lose. If you're 30% or more body NEED to go full on Tony Montana. At least for a little while. Pull out all the stops, up the cardio, cut the cals, etc. However, if you're in pretty good shape, but not as lean as you'd like to be, this is more up your alley. We need to all agree on ONE basic premise before we start. The body ADAPTS to the stress(ors) applied to it. That means, the body follows this model: General Adaption Syndrome So think of everything (stressor) that promotes fat loss is like a bullet in an old time … [Read more...]

Eat Whatever the Hell You Want Till January 2nd.

Stop Worrying about How Much Weight You'll Gain Between Christmas and New Years. You hear all these stories about X,Y,Z gaining 10lbs last year and Uncle Don is going to tell you how if it wasn't for this time of year he'd still be at his "playing weight". You'll read all these articles about: "How to keep off Holiday Weight Gain" "How Not to Get Fat this Holiday" "Skip the Cookies and Eat some Carrots" "Quick Workouts to Keep Christmas Cookies Fatness at Bay" and other assorted BS. These are mostly people parroting what they hear and see and the media doing what it does using scare tactics to feed into the over-inflated fears of holiday weight gain. A local … [Read more...]

Metabolic Finishers to Accelerate Fat Loss..Or, How to Hate Life in 10 Minutes or Less

Metabolic Finishers are a really good way to beat the living sh@t out of yourself get some fat-loss training in after some heavy training. We pretty much covered this here, but folks wanted some examples... Why Finishers? After lifting something heavy you should be pretty finishers are a good usually self-limiting exercise(s) that let you get good force output and burn some calories, without getting hurt, even though you're already pretty drained. Traditional circuits, usually, are not a good choice here (but body weight circuits are ok) because we're looking for exercises that we can go hard and switch easily. Having to adjust benches, dumbbells … [Read more...]

Beach Season is Coming….Fat Loss Workouts

Workouts are NOT the most important thing for 99% of the population when trying to get Beach Ready. Diet is.....but you knew that already. You can workout all the time but if your diet sucks you'll just be a "fat guy with big forearms". None the less workouts are really important because without them you end up skinny but with no're just a fat guy with small forearms smaller fat person but still a fat person. In the Biz this is called "Skinny Fat" Let's face it, no one want to be  "Skinny Fat". Skinny, but a high percentage of fat and almost no muscle. This IS NOT the goal. So we have to program workouts that will maintain or even … [Read more...]

Beach Season Is Coming… Fat Loss Eating 101

Look, it's March...that gives you PLENTY of time to be Jacked, if not TAN, by the unofficial start of summer... Memorial Day. But there are some rules you have to follow: (in order of importance) Nutrition Diet Food Intake Macronutrient Breakdown Workouts Doing "other" stuff...just moving around more Hopefully you've used your powers of deduction to ascertain that.. WHAT and how much of WHAT YOU STUFF IN YOUR FACE IS IMPORTANT. Like, very....for realllzzzz. Basic Nutrition Rules:  1. Don't eat sh@t. Stick to: Lean Meats Vegetables Fruits I know some people are all like, "Don't eat fruit, it makes you fat". How many fat … [Read more...]