You Should Do This: Floor Press

The Floor Press: It's nothing more than a bench press without the bench. <---like you couldn't figure that one out.  Why It's Awesome: Limits the range of motion at the shoulder joint. It's pretty hard to "dump" (approximation the Humerus) the shoulder forward with these. MUCH easier on the lower back than the bench press cause the legs are out of the equation. The floor provides MUCH better feedback than the bench for maintaining shoulder tightness (packing) and driving the shoulders down into the ground to press the weight. Full Pause or Touch and Go?  Either.... Full Pause Floor presses are GREAT for building speed, starting strength and … [Read more...]

3 Awesome Exercises You’re not Doing

These exercises, unlike this guy,  are pretty awesome and you should at some point and time do them. Incline Bench Row with Dumbbells: We sit a, all day, in a flexion (pulled forward) position which results in shoulders forward Desk Jockey Syndrome. To correct this people could use some more rowing, a lot 2 times as much rowing (pulling) as pushing. But here's the problem with most rows: They require a good deal of thoracic extension and scapular control which,  are mobility issues that people with Desk Jockey Syndrome, do not have. So they do rows and look like this: Notice the rounded over or chest … [Read more...]