You Should Do This: Superman Mobility

There are some near universal truths when I get a new client: 1: They lack Thoracic Mobility/ scapula control 2: They lack glute activation/ strength 3: They create motion from the lumbar spine, and consequently have overactive spinal errectors (low back muscles) I would guesstimate that I see all three of these in a new client 90% of the time (cause, they are somewhat interrelated) and at least 2 of the three get hit about 95% of the time. And it all goes back to our flexed forward, low amplitude/ low velocity world. If you're always sitting, hunched over a screen, in a box, or in front of a box, you're probably not: Sitting up straight, shoulders in … [Read more...]

Knees OUT!…Or You’re ASS Ain’t Doing It’s Job

I spend approximately 99.5% of my day hugging puppies yelling: KNEES OUT! This Should NEVER happen: But does all the time. It's really bad... For Comparison: This is really good. So what's going on in the first photo? Short Answer: Your Ass is in, it's not working.. Long(er) Answer: Glutes act as an external rotator on the Femur (upper leg bone) and they are not strong enough to: Rotate the Femur out.  Stabilize the hip. How do we know this? The knee collapses toward the midline because when it does the glutes stretch at the top of the Femur, when the glutes (or any muscle) stretches it FIRES. When muscles fire, they … [Read more...]