Its Working Out, But it Ain’t Doing Sh@t For Your Game.

Training is Exercise With Performance Outcomes in Mind.... Working out is Exercise With Health Outcomes in Mind.... From a distance they look the same, but there is actually a world of difference. Here's the truth: 95% of people WORK OUT. And that's ok, hell, its probably preferable. It's a good thing to be in good health, and "fit" and feel good about yourself, able to walk up stairs without the need for a timeout, straight O2, or a good jolt from an AED. But it's not the end goal of TRAINING. <----hopefully its a nice fringe benefit  Training is exercise that is FOR something, an event, sport, activity. Don't be fooled by frequency, volume, … [Read more...]

How to get Happy Gilmore Distance

Want to hit the ball like Happy Gilmore? There are 2 rules to follow: Have awesome technique. Get REALLY strong. Truth No matter how strong you are and what training program you're doing, if your technique sucks, your golf swing will suck ballzzzz. If this is the case, go get a good coach to clean up your technique. However, if you have good technique, you NEED to be strong. None of this circus, side-show, BS that get's thrown around when people talk about training golfers. Yes, this is incredibly difficult but also incredibly stupid. Golf is a Power/ Strength sport, NOT an endurance game and NOT a "balance" game. I know a round takes 4-5 … [Read more...]