Its Working Out, But it Ain’t Doing Sh@t For Your Game.

Training is Exercise With Performance Outcomes in Mind.... Working out is Exercise With Health Outcomes in Mind.... From a distance they look the same, but there is actually a world of difference. Here's the truth: 95% of people WORK OUT. And that's ok, hell, its probably preferable. It's a good thing to be in good health, and "fit" and feel good about yourself, able to walk up stairs without the need for a timeout, straight O2, or a good jolt from an AED. But it's not the end goal of TRAINING. <----hopefully its a nice fringe benefit  Training is exercise that is FOR something, an event, sport, activity. Don't be fooled by frequency, volume, … [Read more...]

“Ohhh, She Takes Care of Herself” on Maytrdom and False Sacrifice

Recent Facebook Conversation: Friend: "Hey my kids just started at a new school and really feel like the fat kid. I need to start working out." Me:  "That would be a good thing.  Let me know what you need help with." Friend:  "You can Tell All the Moms Here Take Care of Themselves" "Don't know how they do it" "I just don't have the time".  When I hear this it strikes me as: Weird Sad Shouldn't we all Take Care of Ourselves? Isn't that really important? Since when did "Taking Care of Yourself" become something that is out of the ordinary? Shouldn't that be the default? Especially in a society that has the time to consume 8 hours of … [Read more...]

Your Story = Your Reality

"We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves." - Tony Robbins Why do so many people fail to get what they want out of life? It's not because they're not capable. It's not because the man holds you down. It's not because there is some vast conspiracy set out by the Illuminati to keep you wrapped in a cloak of entertainment constantly telling you you're somehow less capable and deserving than the rich and famous so you remain unmotivated and distracted from reality, what's actually important in the world and you don't LIVE you just exist in some type of state of vicarious hero-worship. On … [Read more...]

Something You Should Be Thankful For…

Your Health.... Just as much as your Family, Job, Success, Nunchuck Skills or Sweet Hoop Ride with the Whistle Tip. Cold Hard Truth: If YOUR health is any less than the best it can be, you're not optimizing YOU, restricting your life, burdening others and bringing less than 100% to any relationship you're in. Think about It: All these things involve INTERACTION between YOU and other people or things. Because of that, it's your responsibility to bring the best you possible to all of your relationships. If you're not at your best you're not capable of doing your best work.... So, if you have your health be thankful for that, … [Read more...]