You Should Do This: Single Leg Deadlift with the Angled Barbell

Just About Everyone Should Deadlift.  I mean, they're pretty much the epitome of a "functional" exercise. Like, ya kinda gotta pick stuff up off the ground. But deadlifts with the straight bar can be the DEVIL. Yes, IF you do them with correct technique you'll be ok. IF you have proper: Mobility Bracing Muscle activation Strength TECHNIQUE You'll be ok. But what happens when you don't have perfect technique, like when you're not qualified to do the lift or fatigue sets in? Truth is, there is a HIGH possibility of: Bad SH@T Happening And unlike some other lifts, when Bad Sh@t Happens in the straight bar deadlift there typically … [Read more...]

You Should Do This: Band Good Morning with Band Around Knees

Ohh low backs, how you ruin our lives.. Truth is, it's not our low backs fault. It's our fault: we develop faulty movement patterns and then unknowingly do things that exacerbate the issue. In this case it's the ability to hinge at the hips. This is mostly comes down to 2 factors:   #1: Initiating Movement at the Low Back #2: A lack of Glute Activation Once we can initiate movement from the hips and turn the glutes on everything else falls in line and you might actually start loading your hips instead of your low back. But I Already Know How To Hinge: Maybe you don't... It's fairly common for experienced exercises to overreach lower back to create a … [Read more...]

Learning the Hip Hinge, When You’ve Got no Hips

Chances Are, You Suck At This You're probably either doing the stiff knees: got it from Sparkbmxtraining  or the rounded low back This is from CliftonParkchiro or both.... See Wha' Had Happen Wazz You're all like the Tin Man. [Tweet "You can't move from the hip, hell you don't even know what a hip is..."] We gotta change that, cause without some hips you're gonna (probably) get some big time fugazi awesome feelings in your lower back. Now this is what hinging the hip looks like: From Hips back Shins Vertical Chest "up" Straight line shoulders through hips Lower back in neutral I know what you're thinking, it's … [Read more...]

The Kettlebell Swing, It’s not a Squat/ Front Raise and it Doesn’t go Overhead.

The Kettlebell Swing: What are swings about? What's the purpose? A. Loaded hip hinging and  FORCEFUL hip extension. RKC, HKC, Strong doesn't matter who teaches it and the nuances, some hinge more, some less, regardless, it's about hip hinging and extension. Whats hip hinging? It's engaging/ creating motion from the hips...or pushing the HIPS back without creating motion at the low back. What does hip extension look like you ask? See that arrow? It's pointing out the FULLY extended hip.  It's about using your ass to bring the hips into a fully locked out position. Think hips … [Read more...]

The Epic Hip Hinge/ RDL Post

"I don't do those cause they hurt my back..." And because of that I stopped putting the Romanian Deadlifts into most programs because inevitably I got that or, "I don't know how to do that" I know, you're thinking? WTF? You don't know how to bend over? To which I respond: It's NOT about "bending over" and that's the problem. People think it's just bending over.... It's about: "hinging the hips". Bending over happens when the torso (shoulders) is projected forward over the toes with little to no backwards counter-movement of the hips and is usually accompanied by a flexing or "unlocking" … [Read more...]