If You Can’t Recover, You Can’t Improve

  At Some Point in the Training Process it is Necessary for Recovery to Become a Training Modality- Buddy Morris   Recovery, what is it? According to Google: "a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength." Google, Recovery or for the nerds: "One definition of recovery is as follows: “Mostly, recovery is defined as the compensation of deficit states of an organism (e.g., failure or decrease in performance and, according to the homeostatic principle, a reestablishment of the initial state.” - William Sands Recovery = a "return to normal" , a "reestablishment of the initial state" But wait, what? Isn't the point of this whole training … [Read more...]


Quick answers to some of the most common questions I get asked. Q. Weights or Cardio first? A. If you must do both in the same session....Weights (most of the time) Q. Do Squats Hurt your knees? A.  Performed correctly, NO. Q. Are Deadlifts bad for your back? A. Performed correctly  NO. Like this...... http://youtu.be/P0ySblouCKs you know the answer...... Q. Squats or Deadlifts? A. Why Choose?   Q. Are bench presses bad for your shoulders?. A. Performed correctly, No. See a trend here? Q. Should I overhead press? A. Probably not. B.A. (Better Answer): You probably don't have the scapular stability, and … [Read more...]