You Should Do This: Single Leg Deadlift with the Angled Barbell

Just About Everyone Should Deadlift.  I mean, they're pretty much the epitome of a "functional" exercise. Like, ya kinda gotta pick stuff up off the ground. But deadlifts with the straight bar can be the DEVIL. Yes, IF you do them with correct technique you'll be ok. IF you have proper: Mobility Bracing Muscle activation Strength TECHNIQUE You'll be ok. But what happens when you don't have perfect technique, like when you're not qualified to do the lift or fatigue sets in? Truth is, there is a HIGH possibility of: Bad SH@T Happening And unlike some other lifts, when Bad Sh@t Happens in the straight bar deadlift there typically … [Read more...]

Put Your Barbell, Not Baby, in the Corner…

Cause Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner... Except Swayze....he can But you can and should put your barbell in a corner. I do Often. Angled Barbell training (sometimes they call it the Landmine training, but that's all not cool anymore even though it was fine for a long time) THANKS PC POLICE! Any who, angled barbell training is one of those things that looks super douche(y) but it's actually kinda cool. Why I likes it a lot: It gives common exercises a slightly different feel It's easy to switch exercises It's easy to change weights How to do It: <----pay attention. Getting the setup correct is … [Read more...]