2018 Coaches Conference Review

CEU's Everyone in the fitness world knows what CEU's are. They're those things that, much like a ninja, creep up on you silently then strike you down. For the uninitiated: CEU's= Continuing Education Units No matter the certification, you'll need em to keep it. CEU's are: Education: so you stay on top of your knowledge and skills and remain active in the community Revenue stream: for the certifying agency The 2015-17 NSCA Recertification Period: AKA My Time of Dying In the pre kid period, CEU's were of no consequence. I always had so many, so early it was just a matter of report them and send the money. Not So Fast My Friend Then kids … [Read more...]

The Survivor System

Athlete Development... You hear that a lot, In magazines, books, on TV. But what does it really mean? Does it mean sh@tty power cleans? http://youtu.be/jqRu1neZc2k just skip to 1:50 or so... Gasser's after football practice? <------cause you routinely run 100 yards in a fatigued state during football games. Pitchers running 5 miles the day after pitching? Nearly year-long, soccer, baseball, hockey...... Do these things "develop" the athlete? Does the athlete end up better/ neutral or worse after these things? Or are they a constant test of where the athlete already is? [Tweet "Unfortunately, this is the essence of "Athlete … [Read more...]