“I Overpronate”: No, You COLLAPSE

Some people hate feet. Some people like feet. Some people REALLY love feet. And (for the most part) we all have feet. That's really cool, cause they're REALLY important. Whats So Great About Feet? In the way-way back time, before shoes, feet are how we interacted with the world around us. Feet were the INSTANT feedback mechanism. Changes in terrain, slope, pitch, textures etc. ALL that information was taken in via the feet. But alas, we f-cked up. As we became desk bound and lazy we looked for comfort over function and stuck these pillows on our feet and subsequently F-ed one of our PRIMARY sensory input mechanisms. Thanks Nike Athletic … [Read more...]

Yeah, I Still Foam Roll.

The Fitness Pendulum Always Swings to the Extremes: Short Term, Everyone Overreacts. Long Term, Everyone Underreacts..... Rarely does the industry look at anything critically, simply on its merits and faults, weigh them and apply that tool as necessary. Case in point: Foam Rolling Lets take our way back machine to circa 2005. The foam roller took the fitness world by storm <----I know I'm being dramatic here, but it kinda is true. Everyone was using it, for everything.. Core Stretching To "break up scar tissue" <----I used to say that too. No, its not true.  Hell, places were doing complete "classes" on foam rolling. Then the last 5 … [Read more...]

You Should Do This: Superman Mobility

There are some near universal truths when I get a new client: 1: They lack Thoracic Mobility/ scapula control 2: They lack glute activation/ strength 3: They create motion from the lumbar spine, and consequently have overactive spinal errectors (low back muscles) I would guesstimate that I see all three of these in a new client 90% of the time (cause, they are somewhat interrelated) and at least 2 of the three get hit about 95% of the time. And it all goes back to our flexed forward, low amplitude/ low velocity world. If you're always sitting, hunched over a screen, in a box, or in front of a box, you're probably not: Sitting up straight, shoulders in … [Read more...]

Maybe You Shouldn’t Do Yoga?

What Do You Think About Yoga? I think my back hurts... At First My Mind is All Like: "It's a really good thing that teaches calmness, focus, controlled breathing and body awareness." But My Mouth Goes (after I give it some thought): "You probably shouldn't do it." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? Why I don't recommend Yoga to most people. From my experience, Americanized yoga, what you'd probably be doing, is usually a real Sh@t fest. Full disclosure: I've NEVER taken a Yoga Class. For realzzzz I know you're mad right now. You're all like, "You're such a hypocrite, I like yoga. It's so kool. I've taught it for sooo long and it's awesome and I'm awesome and you … [Read more...]

Enough is Enough, Too Much is Too Much: SMR Edition

I Love this Book..... http://instagram.com/p/fYBoEyvFSD/ You can get a copy here Buy Supple Leopard, it's highly recommended. But I think it's started a nasty trend. I agree with about 99% of what Kelly Starrett has to say. I think the guy is turbo smart. Where I disagree is more or less the minutiae and semantics. <-----I'm really not ok with kipping though.... Case in point: Knees out: Place of total agreement: The knees should be pushed out from the hip to activate the glutes, and never in a valgus position. This is a valgus position and when you do it puppies die<------I made that up, the puppies are fine. It's just not good. Place of … [Read more...]

With Age Comes Wisdom…..

Or so they say.... Stoled it from Bluemoonblog Now that I've been on this earth for a third of a decade I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two. So in honor of getting old(er) here's some things I think I've learned about my fitness: 1. I can't do at 33 what I could do at 23. My workouts even 2 years ago were much "more" than they are today. More volume, more intensity....more of everything. What I've learned is that my recovery just isn't what it used to be and I need to be more mindful of that. I used to feel "beat up" most of the week. Despite less sleep and a boatload more stressors, backing off a little has helped my recovery immensely. I … [Read more...]

Improve your Squat: Free The Ankles

Squatting is making a comeback in a BIG way. You don't hear as much of the, "Squatting destroys your knees, back, shoulders, etc" that you used to. And the squat racks at my gym are actually, predominantly, used for......wait for it.....wait for it....... Squatting Not curls. Which I think is: Awesome. Primarily the result of the influence and popularity CrossFit has gained. Fact is, before CrossFit was everywhere and everyone was hugging Rich Fronings nuts, which are probably 100% jacked. The rack was an empty, lonely, wonderful place reserved only for those with intestinal fortitude, pride and self-respect knowledge about how to train and … [Read more...]

Daily Preventative Maintenance

If You Only Had 10 Minutes a Day To Feel Better, What Would You Do? Let's get one things straight: the body ADAPTS to the loads applied. Stolen from http://acommondilemma.wordpress.com Do something---->Signal is Sent out----> Body Receives Signal and Reacts (Adapts) Sh@ just doesn't "happen"... Your tight spots, lack of range, sore spots etc have occurred, in large part, as a response to the signals YOU'VE sent out. True, genetics play a role, some people are naturally tighter. looser, have deep vs shallow hips sockets and all that. True, you could have had a traumatic/ culminating event....ie a car crash or fall etc, that caused change … [Read more...]