Should I Have a Post Workout Shake?

One of the most common questions I get is: What Should I Eat After I Workout? And this really is my answer 99% of the time: Food...That's always good. It's what I like. The next question is: But what about post-workout bars, shakes and the all mighty ANABOLIC WINDOW? Don't I need to eat right after I workout? If I don't eat immediately wont I lose all my GAINZZ? Wont I shrivel up and die? How We Got Here: In the mid to late 90's workout nutrition became a "thing". It used to be, go workout and go eat and that was that. Then MetRx came to the forefront and basically created the workout nutrition market. Sure there were protein powders, desiccated … [Read more...]

But, Does it Really Fit Your Macros?

I really like the concept of IIFYM "If It Fits Your Macros" This is kinda/ sorta a new approach to eating....but not really. What IIFYM is. At the base level it's: Your daily caloric intake is "restricted" to your current goals. <---so you have a number All your food for the day must combine to meet certain levels of Macronutrients: Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Any foods are allowed as long as all Macronurtient levels FOR THE DAY are met. And that is what makes IIFYM so popular. You can eat cake. If, it fits your macros. This is pretty much the style of eating I've employed for ohh, about 15 years now. Here's why. I … [Read more...]

How Not to Be a Fat Ass in 2013

"I'll Eat better after the New Year" "My new years resolution is to eat better" "I really need to lose some weight next year" "I'll start my diet after the new year" Year after year after year the same people tell themselves the same lie story, always with the same ending.... and it's not this: or this: It's more like this: Oh hey, I couldn't find Tomorrow on my calendar, when is that exactly? But when you do decide to get your sh@t together and clean up your diet he's some quick and easy guidelines to follow.   Step One: Stop Making Excuses: Take ACTION...make things happen. Things don't change by thinking about them, they … [Read more...]

The Fat Man is Coming

Thought I was talking about this guy right? Nope. I was talking about YOU. Halloween just got done, Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and Christmas and New Years are right after that. Wha this time of year is a really good opportunity to get fat...and quick. Dose of stark reality, unless you're a glutton during this entire stretch (which I understand because I can be) you shouldn't gain more than 5 pounds....and honestly that's pushing it. People always say, "I gained 10 pounds" last year...and that's complete crap. Most people gain between 1-4 pounds but "feel" fat because they are bloated from the sodium and carbs. That said, excuses to eat like … [Read more...]

Surprise!!!! And maybe it didn’t have to be like this…..

Paula Deen Has Type Two Diabetes- Us Weekly via Yahoo news. I feel bad for her... I mean, that sucks balls and all, she seems like a genuinely nice person and her food looks awesome but seriously, who didn't see this one coming? When Al Roker repeatedly asked Deen if her diagnosis was a direct result of her butter-rich diet, she admitted that it's "part of the puzzle" but not the only factor. A "part of the puzzle"? I guess she didn't specify how big of a "part" so she's right....At least it looks like she's trying to deal with this and not just pull a, "oh well, guess that's how it goes".... But this quote was awesome; "] a few years ago: 'Honey, I'm … [Read more...]