The Desk Jockey’s Guide to Fixing Yourself

We evolved to stand upright. But with the posture a lot of people have these days, you might not believe it. We spend so many hours hunched over a computer screen and slumped on a couch that we develop what I call... Desk Jockey Syndrome.. Really its Janda's Upper Crossed Syndrome and Lower Crossed Syndrome:   The result is the really, really poor posture that it seems everyone has these days. Why you should care: You look like Quasimodo..... If you fix this you'll FEEL a million times better. Most of the aches and pains you have will "magically" disappear. Headaches will disappear. You'll MOVE a million times … [Read more...]

5 Pretty Common Ways to Jack Yourself Up in the Gym Part 1

What does this guy have in common with you? Chances are you're both: Jacked Up, This is a phrase largely equivalent to screwed up. It roughly means "in a state of disarray" and is commonly used in the phrase "to jack someone/something up". urban dictionary People come to the gym to un-jack themselves but a lot of the stuff they do when they get here is completely Fubared. Here's 5 off the top of my head things I see and why doing them isn't helping but hurting you and your progress. Jacked Up Thing 1: Walking on a Flat Treadmill. Walking on a flat treadmill, incline at 0%, is terrible for your knees and hips. On a treadmill you're not actually propelling … [Read more...]

Stuff From the Web

This post is basically a rip off of the "Good Reads" format that Ben Bruno and Tony Gentilcore do every week. I went through the interwebs this morning and found a plethora of really good articles and blog posts... Carl Valle at discusses Peyton Manning and how posture can play a HUGE role in athletic performance. NFL Dead Pool- Mannings Neck Watch 4 Carl's blog over there is consistently really good, short, concise and always making a very strong, really smart point. 4 Pillars of Good Health by  Adam Bornstein. For many people, the physical aspect is what’s lacking. We convince ourselves that being social, working, and spending time with the … [Read more...]

Beginners and Desk Jockey Syndrome

I've been doing this whole training thing for a while now and I can honestly say that 99% of all the people I train have the same problems when they first come to me. Mainly they sit toooooo much. This results in (from head to toe): Upper Cross Sydrome: Extended cervical spine (head pushed forward), tight pecs, weak underactive scapular retractors  and tight upper traps Poor pelvic alignment: Usually to the anterior... Caused by weak glutes, hamstrings, tight hip flexors, tight spinal erectors and weak abs. Basically everyone gets "desk jockey syndrome". We sit in front of a computer hunched over waaaay too much and end up with like this... As a trainer we have … [Read more...]

Dr. Stuart McGill, Yoda, with bad ass facial hair.

I saw Dr. McGill speak at the NSCA conference back in July. Essentially he is a B-52 of spine knowledge dropping Nuclear knowledge BOMBS all over the place. Here is a very good video (which I stole, cause I'm a thief,  from Mike Robertson's most awesome newsletter). Damn, maybe that ABZZZZ class was a bad idea after all... … [Read more...]