Yes, I Do Cardio AKA The Heart is a Dumb Muscle

The heart only knows one thing: How much stress the body is under. That's it, nothing more. It's only responding and adapting to the signal(s) its given. So think about it.... Do you really need to do this [insert miserable cardio modality here] ???? The answer is no. The ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO IS MANIPULATE YOUR HEART RATE TO GET THE DESIRED RESPONSE. The modality you use is of no consequence. What's that got to do with anything? Well, a lot of my peeps ask me, Do You Do Cardio? Yes, I try to get it in 2 times a week. I primarily use "cardio" to improve cardiac output and recovery. I'm not trying to push my max heart rate, or … [Read more...]

Metabolic Finishers to Accelerate Fat Loss..Or, How to Hate Life in 10 Minutes or Less

Metabolic Finishers are a really good way to beat the living sh@t out of yourself get some fat-loss training in after some heavy training. We pretty much covered this here, but folks wanted some examples... Why Finishers? After lifting something heavy you should be pretty finishers are a good usually self-limiting exercise(s) that let you get good force output and burn some calories, without getting hurt, even though you're already pretty drained. Traditional circuits, usually, are not a good choice here (but body weight circuits are ok) because we're looking for exercises that we can go hard and switch easily. Having to adjust benches, dumbbells … [Read more...]