You Should Do This: Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squat

Q: Why do Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squats? A: Cause you hate yourself.... Personal Opinion: These are the hardest F-ing Skwaats in the world. And they might be the best. This is paraphrased: These FORCE you to "lock down" the core in a way that no other squat does. And in a world full of duck butt lumbar hyperextension/ overarching and butt wink these are one of the best instant remedies for BOTH of those. Why? Cause to handle the bells well you MUST stay in a perfect NEUTRAL spinal position which means the core is 100% activated and acting as a corset... You know, the way the core is meant to work? Because you're spine and pelvis are … [Read more...]

Pressing Through Your Heel Is NOT Flexing Your Ankle…

Can you?  "Feel Your Heels" And I don't mean "do you logically realize that you do, in fact, have a body part (the calcaneous) that is in the lay mans terms called to as the "heel". But, can you actually "feel" it? Like right now? Feel it, as in, manage not only the pressure on the heel but where the pressure is and maybe even alter the pressure points? And I'm NOT talking about flexing the ankle and pushing off the back edge of the foot. (More on that a bit later) But instead, just feeling and maintaining pressure in the whole heel. I'm willing to bet you can't. I know this because probably 80% of the people I train have trouble doing just … [Read more...]

When Do we Squat, Bench and Deadlift? On How I Became a Giant Puss, and you Can Too.

"Dude WTF happened to you? When did you become such a pussy? So none of your clients Squat, Bench or Deadlift anymore? You've got to be kidding me?" "Isn't it hypocritical to post videos of you doing those things on Instagram and then come out against them?" I got that from a few friends and occasional lifting partners from the last 10 years after I put these gems out: I Actually Prefer Single Leg Deadlifts For Most of my Clients. Switch exclusively to pushups. and I posted this, Why We Don't Squat?- Mike Boyle on my Facebook page (go "Like it") and agreed with the conclusion, Traditional Style, Bar on The Back, Squats, are Unnecessary for Most Lifters So, … [Read more...]

On Weight Belts and How Not to Blow out Your Back

Weight Belts, they're Totally Misunderstood. Some research says: Weight Belts Don't Work. <----but this is mostly in occupational settings and has, for reasons I can't understand been extrapolated to the athletic performance arena.  Some, most, research says: Yes, They Do. Here's a really nice research review, kinda old, but still pretty good.  And that dude at the gym, the guy with the jorts and sweet rat-tail, he's always wearing one. But he's a total tool, The HUGE guy who deadlifts 5 plates for reps, he uses one too. And he's the strongest guy there.... So what's the deal? The deal is: [Tweet "Weight Belts are Used Wrong 99% of the … [Read more...]

Improve your Squat: Free The Ankles

Squatting is making a comeback in a BIG way. You don't hear as much of the, "Squatting destroys your knees, back, shoulders, etc" that you used to. And the squat racks at my gym are actually, predominantly, used for......wait for it.....wait for it....... Squatting Not curls. Which I think is: Awesome. Primarily the result of the influence and popularity CrossFit has gained. Fact is, before CrossFit was everywhere and everyone was hugging Rich Fronings nuts, which are probably 100% jacked. The rack was an empty, lonely, wonderful place reserved only for those with intestinal fortitude, pride and self-respect knowledge about how to train and … [Read more...]

Doing It Better: Spotting

You spot like a jackass Don't take it personal, you're just like everyone else cause they spot like a jackass too. Plain and simple, 99% of people spot wrong. Yes, even the guy at the gym who goes around not really lifting but spotting everyone: DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING... In reality there are only 3 ways to spot someone: At the wrists/ hands for dumbbells  Around the ribcage/ chest for squatting At the middle of the bar #1. Spotting Dumbbells Ever seen this before? I know you have because that's how the vast majority of people think you're supposed to spot dumbbell exercises. Hell, some of the certifications even teach it that … [Read more...]

Why Everyone Learns to Squat

Virtually (not always if they don't stick around long enough) every client I train learns to squat. We're talking 90% or better, obviously I think it's important. So I was caught off guard a little this week when I got hit with this gem  by a "fitness professional" none the less (paraphrasing): "You know, you should only have experienced athletes squat because it's bad for the back and knees and it's non functional. I went to a seminar and learned there's just too much spinal compression to justify using it." at first I was in disbelief for these reasons: I just met this person an hour before. they told me every fallacy attached to the exercise in 2 … [Read more...]