Is Coaching Dead? AKA: Rise of the Machines!

Enter The Age of Technology: With explosion of athlete assessment tools in the last decade, everything from movement assessments (FMS), train-ability assessments (HRV), genetic assessments to immediate power output assessments (catapult) training variables and physiology can easily be measured. On the cheap and in, or almost in, real-time. When I first read about the Omegawave (HRV monitor), from Charlie Francis forums, the cheapest model was 10K. Now you can get a fairly reliable HRV app on that magic box that lives in your pocket for under $100, and that's the better ones out there. You can get a crappy one for FREE... These are all INCREDIBLY powerful … [Read more...]

Stress, Bad Breathing and Stressed Posture.

Stress sucks Ballzzz.... Stolen Borrowed from I mean, it's necessary for life and all, but too much of it can really jack-you-up....especially if it's prolonged. And these days it's prolonged...waaaay too prolonged. There seems to be a never-ending To-Do list. The minute something gets done, something else happens, and we never have time, and we never break even and we never get ahead....and, for the most part, it's all B.S. “the things we all find stressful- traffic jams, money, worries, overwork, the anxieties of relationships. Few of them are “real” in the sense that the zebra or lion would understand. In our privileged lives, we are … [Read more...]

Book Review: Why Zebras Don’t get Ulcers

  This book has little to do with training..... and.. EVERYTHING to do with training. Virtually every very successful person in my field (training, exercise, paid for push-ups) lists this as one of the best/ most influential books to read. Now i know why. Why Zebras Don't get Ulcers is about the stress response and how it affects our bodies. Most of the book deals with chronic disease and how stress opens the door for disease to take hold. The take home point of the book is that: "the things we all find stressful- traffic jams, money, worries, overwork, the anxieties of relationships. Few of them are "real" in the sense that the zebra or lion would … [Read more...]

Great video about Stress and Training hat tip … [Read more...]

Wired or Tired, why your nervous system is screwing you up……

Stress...everybody has it. Doesn't matter who you are and what you do, you have stress in your life. What is important is to manage stress as best as possible. The catch 22 is that ALL things are they cause a response through the nervous system.  All inputs cause a reaction in the Central Nervous System or CNS. The nervous system is the main controlling and communicating system of the body.  Every thing we do, feel and think consciously or unconsciously is directed by the nervous system.  The communication between the nervous system and the body is through electrical and chemical signals that move rapidly and to specific areas allowing for … [Read more...]

Achievement, 10,000 hours, Grit and why you’re not a pro athlete…..

First things first: the best predictor of lifetime sporting achievement is your parents. Genetics matter, a lot. the talent pool at the truly world-class level is deep and wide. Those without the basic prerequisites, height, size, strength, speed etc. will not make the cut. [Tweet "Just trying hard doesn't get you a $120 million dollar contract."] That said, practice can go a long way to getting the most out of the abilities you do have.  the old Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. has a lot of truth to it...but lets face it there are not too many 5'6 point guards in the NBA or 5.5 second 40yrd dash guys playing cornerback in the … [Read more...]