Yeah, I Still Foam Roll.

The Fitness Pendulum Always Swings to the Extremes: Short Term, Everyone Overreacts. Long Term, Everyone Underreacts..... Rarely does the industry look at anything critically, simply on its merits and faults, weigh them and apply that tool as necessary. Case in point: Foam Rolling Lets take our way back machine to circa 2005. The foam roller took the fitness world by storm <----I know I'm being dramatic here, but it kinda is true. Everyone was using it, for everything.. Core Stretching To "break up scar tissue" <----I used to say that too. No, its not true.  Hell, places were doing complete "classes" on foam rolling. Then the last 5 … [Read more...]

Daily Preventative Maintenance

If You Only Had 10 Minutes a Day To Feel Better, What Would You Do? Let's get one things straight: the body ADAPTS to the loads applied. Stolen from Do something---->Signal is Sent out----> Body Receives Signal and Reacts (Adapts) Sh@ just doesn't "happen"... Your tight spots, lack of range, sore spots etc have occurred, in large part, as a response to the signals YOU'VE sent out. True, genetics play a role, some people are naturally tighter. looser, have deep vs shallow hips sockets and all that. True, you could have had a traumatic/ culminating a car crash or fall etc, that caused change … [Read more...]

Tissue Tolerance: Why You’re Injured and How Not to Be.

Injuries happen,but they Don't have to. Stole this pic from Fact is, eventually, you will get injured. If you're training hard, it's easy for something "freak" to happen, but the fact is these "freak" accidents usually are not all that "freak" and have a root cause. What this means is: YOU Could Have Prevented Your Injury. This isn't always the case. Not much you can do there, except not play the game. And that's usually the case with HARD TISSUE injuries. Most soft tissue  injuries muscle, ligament, tendon, however, are preventable. This is especially true in the gym where we have control over the … [Read more...]

Stretches Worth Doing Everyday

Stretching used to be the cure-all for every communicable diseases physical ailment. However, stretching has become a ten four letter word the last decade or so, and that's a good and bad thing. People swore stretching would: alleviate soreness keep soreness away improve muscle length improve "tightness" heal injuries prevent injuries improve performance Well, now we know that some of those are true some of the time. Like most things in life it comes down to CONTEXT. The how, what, why and when. Case in point; stretching does help to improve muscle length, if you have a statically tight muscle. But  Stretching in the short-term decreases … [Read more...]