New Year, New You? Why Your Resolutions are BS and WILL FAIL.

So ya got ya some "Resolutions" Resolutions Defined: a firm decision to do or not to do something. Things like: Eat better Exercise more Read more Listen more Be a better (insert: father, husband, wife, friend) Sleep more Sleep less Be more present But lets face it, it's all bullsh@t and you know it. I don't want to be the buzzkill in the room but your resolutions are gonna fail. Don't get mad at me, get mad at all the failed resolutions made each year. Why Do We Fail Ourselves? It's really pretty simple. Does the calendar turning to Jan 1 fundamentally change who you are? It Doesn't. And that's why you fail. "it's … [Read more...]

Your Story = Your Reality

"We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves." - Tony Robbins Why do so many people fail to get what they want out of life? It's not because they're not capable. It's not because the man holds you down. It's not because there is some vast conspiracy set out by the Illuminati to keep you wrapped in a cloak of entertainment constantly telling you you're somehow less capable and deserving than the rich and famous so you remain unmotivated and distracted from reality, what's actually important in the world and you don't LIVE you just exist in some type of state of vicarious hero-worship. On … [Read more...]

Magic Bullets, Quick Fixes, Yoda and Tony Robbins

Actual conversation: Q: "What can I do to tone up my stomach?" A: "Watch what you eat and get some type of exercise on almost everyday." Enter puzzled look of bewilderment..... Q: "You mean there's no ONE exercise I can do to lose weight in my stomach?" A: "Table push-aways work best." Q:"How do you do those?" A: "When you sit down to eat. Push yourself away from the table." Enter look of frustration, like I'm holding back some type of deeply kept fitness industry secret given only to those who pay the entry fee to the guild.... A: "There's no magic bullet. Eat less, move more, make better food choices. I really can't give you a program with … [Read more...]