Does Online Training Actually Work?

This is a Facebook message I got a few weeks ago.. Jackass "Friend" From College: "Online Training? WTF? There's no way you can train people without being there. What a crock of sh@t. Way to rip people off." *Full disclosure, this was the follow-up after I told him I couldn't write-up a 16 week mesocylce, to "get ripped for the summer" for free. But we could set up Online Coaching for the next three months and then reevaluate. Yeah, I do see the irony, at least to me, that a 16 week mesocycle pulled completely out of my ass, based on knowing NOTHING about this person would be better than 3-6 week cycles based off of an assessment and feedback. But that's just … [Read more...]

Its Working Out, But it Ain’t Doing Sh@t For Your Game.

Training is Exercise With Performance Outcomes in Mind.... Working out is Exercise With Health Outcomes in Mind.... From a distance they look the same, but there is actually a world of difference. Here's the truth: 95% of people WORK OUT. And that's ok, hell, its probably preferable. It's a good thing to be in good health, and "fit" and feel good about yourself, able to walk up stairs without the need for a timeout, straight O2, or a good jolt from an AED. But it's not the end goal of TRAINING. <----hopefully its a nice fringe benefit  Training is exercise that is FOR something, an event, sport, activity. Don't be fooled by frequency, volume, … [Read more...]

10 Random Thoughts on the Deadlift

#1: No, The Deadlift Doesn't Blow Out Backs: People are generally really scared of this lift and it's because this is, "deadlifts destroy your back" mind virus has permeated the culture for, since forever. It needs to stop. That sh@t YOU did, that blew out your back, it wasn't even a deadlift to begin with. [Tweet "Don't blame an exercise for your sh@tty technique."] #2: When I started this whole creating disciples to one day take over the world Training People Thing, no one Except me Deadlifted. I'm dead serious about this. <-----see what I did there? In college at (The) Towson University the ONLY people I ever saw deadlifting were with me or in the … [Read more...]

Good “Chefs”, Bad “Cooks”

I spent last weekend at the Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar on the University of Richmond campus. It was once again the best collection of speakers at ANY seminar or conference in ALL of North America, yes Canada, I'm throwing you a bone. When you have two days of people like: Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky- The daughter and long time right hand of Dr. Yuri Verhkoshansy (the greatest sports scientist EVER). Dr. Michael Kalinski- Head physiological biochemist for the USSR doping program among other prestigious appointments. Henk Kraaijenhof- Maybe the greatest living olympic sport coach in the world. Dr. Michael Yessis- One of the worlds foremost … [Read more...]

Warm-Up Warriors: Overboard or on Target?

"It's cool to pee your pants"- Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) Obviously that's a load of B.S., it's not cool to pee your pants, it's probably the exact opposite of cool, it's anything but cool, it's totally uncool...... and that's how I feel about warm-ups.... Seriously, they suck, they are UN-COOL. No matter how many articles I read about how awesome the foam roller is or this stretch is or that mobility drill is they all suck as far as I'm concerned. They are boring as hell and detract from time that can be spent being awesome (smashing weight, eating meat, being a costumed crime fighter) But here's the deal: YOU GOTTA DO … [Read more...]

The Combine, what I like and a really stupid test.

Admittedly, I like the NFL combine. Not as much as I used to but I still think it's kinda cool to watch. These guys are absolute freaks of nature and even a "poor" performance by them is an outstanding performance by 99% of people. Plus it's nice to see what these guys can actually do. Too often during college football games we hear that kid A squats 500lbs and kid B benches 450...Do these numbers happen? YES! They just don't happen for 3-5 players on every team...Let's face it, coaches lie to media. Ever seen a media guide with accurate heights and weights? ......Neither have I. Many strength coaches are notorious for lax standards on testing and report … [Read more...]

Great video about Stress and Training hat tip … [Read more...]