You Should Do This: TRX Row

If I could do only one pulling (rowing) motion what would it be? "100% it would be the TRX row." In my opinion the TRX is the greatest row machine ever built. It's scales easily from beginner to advanced, it's self-limiting, and it's almost foolproof. Plus, and mostly its one of the best tools I've found for training the lost art of scapular retraction. True, you can overdo it. But in my, desk jockey, sitting all day slumped over, world, 9/10 people have a real issue pulling those shoulders down and back,  pinching the shoulder blades together in the back. So we NEED to train scap retraction and depression and need to be able to do it with a tool that … [Read more...]

Favorite TRX Exercises

My Favorite TRX Exercises Since I wrote a 1200 word commercial for the TRX last time I figured I should go over some of the exercises that I actually use it for. *If you look around the interwebzzzzz (Youtube, you'll find about a million other exercises and some of those are awesome, but too hard for most of my clients, or they just plain suck, serve no real purpose and should be sent to the land of misfit exercises. He's Dear Leader of the Island.. So here goes. TRX Stuff That Don't Suck: TRX Biceps Curls: Obviously, I do tons of curls. You could probably tell by my 15 inch pythons. But, If I'm at home … [Read more...]

Doing it Better: Rows

Hard truth: We NEED, as in MUST HAVE to function, more rows in our workouts. Too much of these things: Pushing Sitting Desk Work Bad Posture Have left us with Desk Jockey Syndrome. One major component of which is a weak back, especially in the pulling muscles. Muscles like the Lats, Rhomboids, Posterior Delts, and Lower Traps that just are not doing what they are supposed to do, or at least not to the level they are supposed to do it. How do we start to fix this? SCAPULAR RETRACTION and SCAPULAR pulling the shoulder blades back and down. What exercises are great at … [Read more...]