Yes, I Do Cardio AKA The Heart is a Dumb Muscle

The heart only knows one thing: How much stress the body is under. That's it, nothing more. It's only responding and adapting to the signal(s) its given. So think about it.... Do you really need to do this [insert miserable cardio modality here] ???? The answer is no. The ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO IS MANIPULATE YOUR HEART RATE TO GET THE DESIRED RESPONSE. The modality you use is of no consequence. What's that got to do with anything? Well, a lot of my peeps ask me, Do You Do Cardio? Yes, I try to get it in 2 times a week. I primarily use "cardio" to improve cardiac output and recovery. I'm not trying to push my max heart rate, or … [Read more...]

You Should Do This: TRX Row

If I could do only one pulling (rowing) motion what would it be? "100% it would be the TRX row." In my opinion the TRX is the greatest row machine ever built. It's scales easily from beginner to advanced, it's self-limiting, and it's almost foolproof. Plus, and mostly its one of the best tools I've found for training the lost art of scapular retraction. True, you can overdo it. But in my, desk jockey, sitting all day slumped over, world, 9/10 people have a real issue pulling those shoulders down and back,  pinching the shoulder blades together in the back. So we NEED to train scap retraction and depression and need to be able to do it with a tool that … [Read more...]

Yeah, But He’s Not Certified in That….

When does Human Anatomy and Basic Biomechanics not Matter Anymore? When the certifying agency says so... First off, I love the TRX. I think it's a great product and the educational back-end support on their site is really first class. They mostly get it right, especially for the non-"fitness professional" user. Point of Contention: People shouldn't do pushups like this. From Mens Health, not TRX, but that's kinda sorta how they show it in the manual. It just ain't right. The head of your humerus is all up in your acromion process and stuff. As my Freak Beast of a friend, THE Alex Goldberg recently said in regards to TRX pushups: <---on my … [Read more...]

Know where you come from..and RIP Larry Scott

"You can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been." Will Smith in Hitch Unfortunately, this is too often the case when it comes to Physical Culture in Merica' these days. Everyone has or is THE Thing of the Minute. The new and improved version. It's ground breaking, different, more efficient. And usually, it's more of the same and none of the above. P90X? They used to call that body-weight circuit training. Muscle Confusion? Wasn't that Weider Principle #102, variety. CrossFit? Again, circuit training, only this time we're using more complex modalities and lots of barbells. Shaun T? That Mary Franklin not only got himself some Hip … [Read more...]

Favorite TRX Exercises

My Favorite TRX Exercises Since I wrote a 1200 word commercial for the TRX last time I figured I should go over some of the exercises that I actually use it for. *If you look around the interwebzzzzz (Youtube, you'll find about a million other exercises and some of those are awesome, but too hard for most of my clients, or they just plain suck, serve no real purpose and should be sent to the land of misfit exercises. He's Dear Leader of the Island.. So here goes. TRX Stuff That Don't Suck: TRX Biceps Curls: Obviously, I do tons of curls. You could probably tell by my 15 inch pythons. But, If I'm at home … [Read more...]

The TRX: Why it’s Awesome…

I really, no REALLY, like the TRX I didn't buy one for years because I thought they were totally overrated and overpriced. I was kinda right, but mostly wrong. Yes, there are more affordable options but for all around awesomeness, I think it wins. If you travel for work, you should have one. If you travel for fun, you should have one. If you have a home gym, you should have one. If you just want to be cool and hang out with the cool kids and sit at the cool table, this has nothing to do with that, but you should still get one and use couldn't hurt. These are NOT the cool kids... Here's the deal with the TRX... IT'S NOT FOR … [Read more...]

Beginners Suck…and it’s the “Trainers” Fault

While it's getting to the end of New Years resolution gym rush time, there are still some more motivated guys and gals who have hung on. These people are still beginners, I'm talking like total newbies. Yeah, they bought an issue of Men's Health or whatever and they took the centerfold, fold-out, workout out of it and they carry it around the gym and so the exercises for the sets and reps prescribed, but let's face it, they suck. Now they don't suck a little, like as in, not good or that's wrong, but they suck a LOT- a- bit. This isn't to bash on these folks, they've overcome a lot just to get to this sucky point and quite honestly it's not entirely their … [Read more...]