The Truth About Weight Loss and Maintenance….

First Things First: If you're overweight and/ or have a weight problem. It's You're Fu@king Fault It's not your genes, *that's not how genes work it's not your coworkers who bring in donuts, it's not because someone puts a gun to your head every night and forces you to drink a bottle of wine or eat at the clown house every night. It's your fault, you have control over you, it didn't just happen. And that is a great thing, because, since you're not a victim of your weight: YOU HAVE 100% CONTROL OVER IT AND CAN CHANGE IT. Now we can get onto the important stuff. If we're talking about someone who starts out with a lot of weight to lose: It's Really F-ing … [Read more...]

Training The Overweight/ Obese Client

"I Thought You Only Trained Athletes?" I wish....but not really Athletes can do ANYTHING and they're fun to train because of that. You show them once and they have it down, better than me, stronger than me.. But here's the fact: "Until you're at the top, you better train all types of people, not just the fun ones"- Mike Boyle If I only trained athletes, I'd be eating Ramen noodles in a cardboard box every night. The vast majority of my clients are regular people who want to be more awesome. Eventually, they become super awesome, but at first they're usually pretty terrible below average physically and this usually includes being somewhat to very … [Read more...]

“I eat because I’m unhappy…I’m unhappy because I eat.”

Fat Bastard said it and....he was right. The people at Kaiser Permenante in San Diego have been running a weight loss clinic since 1982 which dealt mostly with the obese . After treating 30,000 patients they've made some pretty remarkable findings concerning obesity and published them in a paper titled, Obesity: Problem, Solution or Both. In short they found that obesity, "is not the core problem to be treated, any more than smoke is the core problem to be treated in house fires." Basically obese people are obese because they eat too much, yepper that whole law of thermodynamics is still holding steady..but what drives them to eat to much? NOTE: Yes, I know … [Read more...]