You Should Do This: TRX Row

If I could do only one pulling (rowing) motion what would it be?

“100% it would be the TRX row.”

In my opinion the TRX is the greatest row machine ever built.

It’s scales easily from beginner to advanced, it’s self-limiting, and it’s almost foolproof.

Plus, and mostly its one of the best tools I’ve found for training the lost art of scapular retraction.

True, you can overdo it.

But in my, desk jockey, sitting all day slumped over, world, 9/10 people have a real issue pulling those shoulders down and back,  pinching the shoulder blades together in the back.

So we NEED to train scap retraction and depression and need to be able to do it with a tool that makes it easy to facilitate.

And that’s what the TRX (usually) does..

Maybe it’s because its 2 (almost) independent handles or because there is a pre-load (distraction) on the shoulders, but if the tension/ challenge is right, almost everyone can get some good scapular retraction on day one with the TRX Row.

That’s not been my experience with other row variations. <—-except chest supported rows, those usually work too, but not as well.

The TRX Row:

Key Points:

It’s a moving plank:

Bottom rib on the abs:

Glutes TIGHT and hip fully extended throughout

“Active” shoulders, never passive and hanging off them at the bottom:

Shoulder blades in the back pocket, never near the ears:

PRESS the chest out to meet the handles as much as pull the shoulders back while pulling: 

“when in doubt, stick the boobs out” <— I was told that a long time ago, and it works.

This helps to “pack” the shoulders tightly at the top:

When you go, GO!

No “double clutching”

A Note on Pulling:

If you’re like most people… need more, a lot more.

Most Frequently Asked Question:

“Is this kinda like a pullup?”

Not really.

Granted, its pulling.

BUT, it is horizontal pulling vs a vertical pulling motion of a pullup, and that matters.

TRX Rows are Probably Safer.

Vertical pulling can be a real beotch on the shoulders for lots of folks.

If you don’t have good scapular-thoracic-humeral rhythm,ie you can’t get the shoulder joint and its corresponding parts to work together to get the acromion process (distal end of the clavicle) out-of-the-way of the upper arm (humerus) vertical pulling could be an issue.

While that can totally happen with rowing motions, especially if you HANG OFF THE JOINT AT THE BOTTOM, there is a LOT more room for error.

If you don’t have a TRX, get one here <—yes, I make like $2 if you buy one and Yes, the TRX is worth it in the long run. 






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