You Should Do This: Cat/ Camel/ Cow, Whatever, Thoracic Spine Mobility

If You’re Reading This You Probably Have Sh@tty Thoracic Mobility..

How do I know this?

I’m not Yoda, Gandalf or even Harry Freaking Potter,

But I am kinda like that kid (he’s an adult now) from that Sixth Sense movie.

You know, the one by M. Night Shamalama-ding-dong.

The “I see dead people” kid.


“I See “Sh@tty Posture”

Fact is, too many of us sit, with our face in a computer or head hung down looking at a screen too often. <——understatement of the century.

You’re all slumped over, hanging off the ribcage.

Do it long enough and you’ll literally end up with this posture:

Here’s the Truth:

Unfortunately, we all gotta work.

And for many of us, a lot of it happens in front of a screen, so we can’t get away from it.

But a standing desk and properly set up workstation can go a looong way…just saying.  <—-I actually have the one I linked to and its pretty damn cool and not a ton O’ cash. 

And good posture?

It only lasts so long.

Eventually, the postural muscles get tired and we shift, and slump and get out of the muscle’s and into the joints.

Stacking the ribs so they don’t need the muscles of the back and core to keep them “upright”.

Fix Yo Kyphotic Self:

You’re gonna need some upper and mid back strength as well as some core and glutes.

But you gotta be able to move, you need the mobility in the joints to get into the correct thoracic position or all of your other junk is gonna be craptastic.

Enter the: 

Cat/ Camel 

Or whatever you want to call it.

(Cat/ Cow, Quadruped Thoracic Mobilizations etc) <—-Yes, people say that….“quadruped thoracic mobilizations”

Here’s the Idea:

You want to move through the


Lets say that again…


The ribcage..


If you’re khyphotic, or not, you’re already getting enough movement at theL5/ S1 junction.

You need less, not more.


  • Quadruped Position
    • Hands under the shoulders, knees under the hips.
    • Slightly rock back on the hips, slightly

  • PRESS the scapula to the lateral (outside) portion of the torso, away from the spine at the top.
  • PULL the chest (t-shirt logo) up at the bottom.
  • PULL the scapula down the ribcage as you pull the chest up.
  • Try to limit the movement of the pelvis on the low back <—it can move in unison with the rest of the spine, but not be the driver.

Bro Tip(s):

  • Don’t Unlock Your Elbows.
    • You’ll do that to fake scapula mobility. Keep the elbows locked throughout.
  • Try actually PRESSING into the floor when pushing the spine to the ceiling
  • SLOW DOWN and move each individual segment.

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