You Should Do this: Kettlebell Figure 8

These are Kinda BRUTAL Like they can get really hard, really fast... Hard Where?  Hard All Over. This exercise was popular for a minute a few years ago, but you don't hear about it much anymore. I guess cause it's kinda F-ing hard, takes your breath away, makes your whole body burn and you sweat instantly. Why Do Kettlebell Figure 8's? Cause they hit EVERYTHING at once. Literally: Core (all of it) Upper Back Shoulders Quads Hamstrings Glutes They all get hit pretty hard. Why Else (the Real, Real Reason I use them): The Kettlebell Figure 8 (when done correctly ie. not all slop city) forces you to CONTROL movement, in an ATHLETIC … [Read more...]

You Should Do This: Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squat

Q: Why do Double Kettlebell Racked Front Squats? A: Cause you hate yourself.... Personal Opinion: These are the hardest F-ing Skwaats in the world. And they might be the best. This is paraphrased: These FORCE you to "lock down" the core in a way that no other squat does. And in a world full of duck butt lumbar hyperextension/ overarching and butt wink these are one of the best instant remedies for BOTH of those. Why? Cause to handle the bells well you MUST stay in a perfect NEUTRAL spinal position which means the core is 100% activated and acting as a corset... You know, the way the core is meant to work? Because you're spine and pelvis are … [Read more...]

Why I Love Zerchers and You Should 2

Do you know where Zercher Squats came from? Prison... Supposedly the Zercher squat came about because there are weights, but no racks, in the joint. They needed a way to squat and figured out that they could pick up a lot of weight off the ground in the crooks of the elbow. Zercher Squat. Ed Zercher came up with this squat variety many years ago. In 1966 or 1967, I read about a prisoner by the name of Robert Barnett, who had just pulled a 675 deadlift at 165 BWT. He related that the Zercher squat was responsible for his success. He reported that his best was 395 x 5 reps done off the floor.- Louie Simmons I don't know if that's the truth, but it's a hell of a … [Read more...]

Ohh Sh@t, Vacation is Here…..Workout and Free E-Book.

This time of year I get LOTS of emails (and clients) that go like this, "I'm going away soon and I need to look better, what do I do?" First you need to get your diet in line, if it's not you're screwed. But I'm gonna assume that you're good already training hard, eating really well and you just need to "tighten up" some. Personally, I think these "This workout is great for this or that" posts blow. But, F-it...this is pretty much <----programs should be individualized, even if they're similar----> what I do with a female  in this situation as a template. Keep in mind: This ain't gonna take you from worst to first, sorry, nothing's just a … [Read more...]

10 Best Exercises for Hockey

This list is stupid because there are NO 10 best exercises for any sport... But I put out two of these articles a week, sometimes I run out of ideas. it's not like I'm asking for sharks with laser beams on their freaking heads.... After a long lockout I figured it's OK to be a total tool bag and do one of these stupid lists. #10: Running  Sprints Most Hockey players spend too much time in this position... During practice and games it's necessary but what happens is they go to home/ work and... Everything flexed or "closed down"....and they often opt to train on the bike, cause it makes the quads burn, which does more of the same. This doesn't mean the … [Read more...]